Two Avatars


There were two avatars in Realm earlier (EU West, did not make a note of which Realm). I positioned myself between them for the screenshot. One is above me, one below, on the minimap. The odd thing is only one is working, the lower one (with all the people). The top one was invulnerable on about 40% health. Presumably it just stopped on a transition from one phase to another.

The bottom one was working normally, and as soon as it was defeated the top one started working again. I arrived when they were both there, so I am not sure what happened to get them in that state. I think the top one appeared first, then the bottom one just before I arrived.

Bugged Ship(s)
Miner event with everything active

Nice one, maybe consider posting to ‘‘Post interesting map features’’ as well?


for the halloween event, after all ghost kings are killed, there is a guaranteed spawn of one event god from the pool of i believe avatar, gship, and skull shrine.

As such, you could get 2 avatars or 2 gships in a realm. One from natural spawn, one from forced spawn for event.
I’m assuming your situation is that one spawned naturally after killing a gking, and then the forced spawn from killing all gkings was an ava
I’m not sure if it’s possible for one to spawn naturally if it was already the forced spawn.

(i.e. you get gship forced spawn after killing all gkings, and another gship after killing a random ent or lich. Could be possible, idk)


well, i wont go to bed without learning nothing today


That makes sense, and I thought it would be that. Clearly though they did not think through the consequence of two Avatars being in Realm, and so some bit of code assumes there is only one per Realm. At least it’s easy to deal with if you can locate the other Avatar.

I wonder how Oryx would announce it too. I mean he knows how to announce multiple Penteracts, Skull Shrines, Cubes. I don’t know if that generalises to Avatars.


There is some spare code for multiple spawns of otherwise singular event, but I don’t know if Avatar has any.

And it is indeed because of the second Avatar that the other one softlocked. I believe they simply check if any of their minions exist, and then they transition.
This check, however, is spread across the entire current map (the Realm, in this case).

So if you were to spawn, like, 12 Avatars, and push them all into their second phase, none of them will transition until all their spawned Shades are dead.
As for how a semi-softlock occurs…I wouldn’t know =w=


Yes, just witnessed two ghost ships in a realm so this is most likely the case


You have to get go through the last phase on both avatars to kill them both.


Despite this being a bug, I actually really like when this sort of thing happens. Has interesting effects and brings more of a challenge to the realm and attracts more people.


Would this be Avatars of the Forgotten King or Avatars of the Forgotten Kings?


Avatars of the Forgotten King


What would make it extra special is if they appeared on top of each other. Normally when it’s two different enemies one is easier to take down first: LOTLL the Ghost Ship e.g. can be drawn towards you; the Rock Dragon follows a path that brings it closer to someone at the edge.

But two avatars, especially if they were in different phases so you were e.g. trying to dodge shots while trying to clear the eyes. As one or both switched off from time to time and became invulnerable perhaps stopping you hurting the other except with piercing. That would be challenging.


What would be really challenging would be either two rock dragons or two sentries.

It would be absolutely awful to try to dodge the crystal worm father and lost sentry/rock dragon/avatar at the same time


Well with Rock Dragon you just stand at a corner/edge and pump shots into it when it comes past you (or both if there are two), then do the same when you can damage the head. It’s one of the easiest to do with a Dwarf/Sentry/Ava/Sphinx.

Dwawf with anything is pretty easy: just don’t get to him to the Crystal Father phase until you are ready, so there’s always a mushroom somewhere. Ava you can do something similar with the Consumed by Shadow phase.

Never encountered more than two in the same place. Worst mechanically I’ve come across is probably Sentry/Skull, two long range bullet Hell bosses on top of each other, though it went down pretty quickly once people went at it with ranged abilities. Really the worst though was Ava/Bees: not too hard to do as you snipe all the bee colonies then damage and kill the bees mostly well away from the Avatar. Horrible to then do the Avatar as the Nest event floor makes his shots blend into the ground, giving you eye-strain trying to see them.


I know I posted this before a while back, but this was probably my personal favorite overlap find:


now all we need is worm father/bees and the realm will never close


avatar of the forgotten kings implies that there were forgotten kings, which in realm’s lore there aren’t. anyway, if it was only avatar of the forgotten king then there would only be 1 avatar and multiple kings, in contrast avatars of the forgotten king makes perfect sense - there are 2 avatars, and 1 forgotten king (though the fact that they both drop shatters at the same time is strange from a lore point of view, is the forgotten king so powerful that he can manifest 2 kingdoms? I’m choosing to ignore keys, they all make different copies of a kingdom, but in this case the king spawning 2 of his avatars makes me feel like it’s 1 king because they must have had SOME sort of plan in place for not over 2 kings to invade a realm for years)


Multiple occurances of dungeons, and by extension realms, have been explained away in the lore. Oryx the Mad God rules over millions of realms, each world filled with it’s own history, oryx’s minions, and creatures stuck in his domain. The nexus was built as a safe haven for all the realms. This is referenced in multiple monologues, from the Void Entity, the Realm Eye, O3, and more. Anything that tries to harm the players are protected from death.



Yep saw that. Oddly enough two Skull Shrines is the one example of two of the same thing on top of each other that I can remember. Don’t remember it being especially hard either, or that might just be me guessing: lob a couple of poisons to clear the red skulls then dodge in and out, or hide behind any melee chars. Or even keep lobbing poisons/traps/spell bombs from a distance.