Unable To Connect to UsEast


Regularly I play on UsEast as my main server considering I live on the East coast and in my experience, it’s the East coast server with the largest amount of players at most times

Lately, I haven’t been able to connect to it. When I try to, I get the error message “An existing connection was closed by the remote host” or something along those lines. This showed up out of no where and no matter what I do I can’t connect to the UsEast server. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this or whether or not it’s a game issue or on my side somehow?


There have been a couple of servers that have been on and off about availability lately, including the testing server more recently (though I heard that one might be back up by now). There appeared to be some overall server strain from my own experience and reports from my guild with loading into the main game, so I’d not be surprised.

I’d come back to USE another time. It’s probably your best bet, at this point.


Yeah, I play on USE, and I’ve been getting the same error recently.


Absolutely. USWEST also had this error, I wonder whats causing the issue. It seems like a curse following me around when i finally find a new semi-active server to play on :sweat_smile:


My most common assessment is overuse of a particular server by the players. The trading server(s) nearly always have a ton of people (depending on the time of day, of course), and occasionally break it, but more often it’s whatever server is being used for popping keys too long. Those servers don’t take that kind of abuse for long!


Haven’t been able to connect to USE past 4 days, been enjoying EUW, not sure what other servers are active.


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