Unban Starlias please


so im not sure that you will even see this @OtherBill ill but I was wondering if you would unban starlias from the forums he was talking to me in realm and says he regrets what he said and would like to participate in the forums again. If it cant happen its okay but im hoping you will have forgiveness @OtherBill

Trivial Issues Thread
  1. why did I get a notification for this.
  2. wrong location.
  3. there is no correct location


I’ve been getting really weird notifications in threads
I’ve seen it posted in so that’s happening to you too is ma guess.


@shatter I dont think it really matters where I posted it since there is no real place. Would you like me to pm you instead I didnt really think that needed to happen


Your better off going to a mod because

  1. I can’t unban
  2. I more or less got him banned
  3. I would not unban him.


It’s not he had one flag. His ban wasent because of one slip up and then he came on with several fake accounts. Attempted to start a flame war. Said @RMGnoob was not actually french then pretended to be french. Which some might consider offensive espically when you are calling a real french person not french. So I don’t think he regrets anything or deserves to be un banned

But back on the subject of trivial issues relating to what I just said.

I have had people pm me because they heard I’m czech from somewhere and they pretend to speak it and make no sense at all. I have longer stories about it but it’s basically the same routine some worse some better. And it’s not even like I don’t want someone to speak to me in czech I just don’t want them saying they speak it fluently when they speaking google translator


how dare you make it look like I said that!


O wow lol I’m so sorry shatter I dident even notice how it was like that


NP, happens whe you quote something someone quoted.


Moved this discussion out of the Trivial Issues thread.


A direct RE message would have been better for this.


Uhh star was ban?
I guess i dont lurk enuff, can someone explain what happened?


I’ll bet $20 that this is one of StarliAS’s alts.


Ditto here honestly.


Doesn’t matter how sorry he claims to be he’s never being unbanned.


You mean the kid who draws Rule 34 on reddit? Lmao


LMAO. i see him with the lost halls discord in a big ass group and he still roasting the people there.
i go farm in glands and i see him talking shit to a dark blue star. i see him in nexus trading with someone and he is still cursing the crap out of people.

hell no please.

sorry, i got no proof, because i didn’t take the screenshots at the time, but please, save us the trouble.


Why was starlias banned?


Because he spent way too much time trying to generate pointless drama in a desperate attempt to get people to notice him.

At some point the mods just got tired of his antics.


lul im not starliAS’s alts I met him in a pub tomb and recognized him from the forums