Unban Starlias please


A direct RE message would have been better for this.


Uhh star was ban?
I guess i dont lurk enuff, can someone explain what happened?


I’ll bet $20 that this is one of StarliAS’s alts.


Ditto here honestly.


Doesn’t matter how sorry he claims to be he’s never being unbanned.


You mean the kid who draws Rule 34 on reddit? Lmao


LMAO. i see him with the lost halls discord in a big ass group and he still roasting the people there.
i go farm in glands and i see him talking shit to a dark blue star. i see him in nexus trading with someone and he is still cursing the crap out of people.

hell no please.

sorry, i got no proof, because i didn’t take the screenshots at the time, but please, save us the trouble.


Why was starlias banned?


Because he spent way too much time trying to generate pointless drama in a desperate attempt to get people to notice him.

At some point the mods just got tired of his antics.


lul im not starliAS’s alts I met him in a pub tomb and recognized him from the forums




then why are your posts only concerning giveaways. literally 3/4 of your feed = giveaways


That is the VERY first thing I thought. LOL!


aight whatever theres no way I can prove that I’m not starlias but I could care less what you guys think


if you could see the time I started to play realm then you would believe me I started around 2 weeks before making a realmeye forum account


@Wizybrain the only reason I made a realmeye forum account in the first place was cause I saw a giveaway feed. I might start posting on actual feeds but im not sure yet


prankd m8s im starliases alt



something you may be interested in: (post 241 onward)


Okay, I think that’s enough. Petitions, 3rd party requests, and anything similar will not reverse a ban. We laid out our position from the very first moment the forum went public, here.