[USE] The Sinful is recruiting


Welcome to the recruitment page for The Sinful. We are a returning guild based around endgame players having a good time. We take activity very seriously and if you are inactive for too long you will be kicked no questions asked.


  1. Lots of friendly players to talk and play with

  2. Monthly events with rewards

  3. Private rooms in order to play in peace

  4. Weekly activities outside of realm

  5. Guild keys

  6. Help maxing


  1. Have at least one 8/8 and 2k alive fame.

  2. Know how to do endgame dungeons such as lost halls or shatters in small groups.

  3. Be able to max quickly and reliably.

  4. Have discord, and please be active in the call.

  5. No alt accounts will be tolerated, join on your main or don’t join at all.

How to join

In order to join the guild, please join the discord server and fill out the application. If you wish to be in the discord without being in the guild that is fine, but know you will not be able to participate in guild events.


Email 7hesinful@gmail.com and we will get back to you asap, or find GrimSkullG in game and ask.


We still recruiting a bit, if u join and we are inactive at the time it is probably too late and we too need sleep.


10+ members in a little over 48 hours, not too bad. (if you do not meet certain reqs but are a newer player and still want to join the guild please contact either myself or one of my leaders)


We back again! Got some reqs now but they aint too bad, lets get some more members!


Hi, I wanna join your guild. I looking for people to do Lost Halls and Shatters (I have 13 Lh keys and 11 shatters keys). I’m not a new player but I’m not good. I have a pet: Heal 62 MHeal 57 Electric 0. My current character it is wizard T12 staff, T6 spell, T13 robe, T5 hp ring, 4/8 full att, def, spd, and dex. My dc Nondoran#0884


  • I’m friendly.
  • I am very active.
  • I have a lot of keys.
  • I have discord.


  • I don’t speak English very well.
  • I’m not a very well player.


bump it up!


can I join


no, sorry.




I need to be more active on realmeye


How long can i be inactive before kick?


whats ur timezone, if gmt i would like to join!