[Very WIP] Class Concepts Compendium


QUICK NOTE: These are some very WIP class ideas I’m toying around with while I take a short break from my big Dungeon Idea. Let me know if I should expand on any of them. I will be adding more when I feel like it, and feel free to post your own unfinished class concepts bellow as well.

The Reliquarian

The Reliquarian is collector rare artifacts, relics, and items, who uses his sigils to find and unleash the powers of rare artifacts.


The Reliquarian uses a dagger and a robe, alongside a sigil for his ability.

The Sigil

The Reliquarian’s ability is unique in that is does not have any active effect. Instead, it passively allows enemies to drop soulbound consumables called artifacts. Artifacts come in three rarities: common, rare, and eldritch, which drop more commonly with higher tiered Sigils. Artifacts can be consumed to provide long lasting, unique bonuses, however they can not be stored in the vault or used by any other class besides the Reliquarian. The Artifacts also vary in effectiveness based on the users maximum mp and wisdom, so both of these stats are still useful even though you don’t actively use them.

The Artifacts

Common: (Duration of 3 minutes)

  • Shattered Key: Boosts weapon range by a small amount and drastically raises projectile speed
  • Glowing Stone: Boosts defense
  • Strange Fruit: Boosts vitality and instantly restores a large amount of hp
  • Cracked Statue: Boosts attack by a large amount but lowers dexterity slightly
  • Old Coin: Boosts rare artifact drop chance

Rare: (Duration of 5 minutes)

  • Forbidden Fruit: Reduces maximum hp but restores a large amount of hp every second
  • Feather Crystal: Greatly boosts speed and defense
  • Liquid Light: Reduces debuff durations
  • Cursed Ribcage: Summons a small skeleton to aid you in battle
  • Tentacle Statue: Boosts eldritch artifact drop chance

Eldritch: (Duration of 15 minutes)

  • The Puzzle Box: Drastically improves all stats except mp and wisdom, which are reduced to zero
  • Forlorn Eye: Greatly improves range and shots ignore up to 15 points of defense
  • Meteor Shard: A percentage of damage taken is dealt to mp instead, and your wisdom is used in place of your defense

UT Sigils

Ideas for UT Sigils:

  • A sigil that can causes enemies to only drop eldritch sigils, but at a higher rate than normal
  • A sigil that allows you to press the ability key and destroy artifacts in your inventory, dealing high damage to enemies near your cursor in the process
  • A sigil with its own selection of unique, but dangerous, demonic artifacts

The Undertaker

The Undertaker is a foul magician who conjures massive skeletons from the earth to smash enemies and protect himself.


The Undertaker uses a katana and a robe, alongside a scroll for his ability.

The Scroll

When the Undertaker uses his Scroll, he fires off 2 large, slow moving skeletal hand projectiles which strike enemies in close range, dealing high damage. At the same time, a large rib cage is formed around the Undertaker which acts as a shield, protecting him from a limited amount of damage until it either breaks or dissipates over time. The rib cage shield has its own defense, and all debuffs are delayed until the shield is broken

The UT Scrolls

  • A scroll that does not fire off hands, but instead generates a trail of bones over time that damages and slows enemies.
  • A scroll that makes a rib cage shield which protects ALL nearby players from damage and scales in health depending on the number of players
  • A scroll that allows you to hold down the ability key, and fire off hands instead of your normal shots

The Valkyrie

The is a powerful, divine warrior who can loft herself off the ground with her wings.


The Valkyrie uses a sword and heavy armor, alongside wings for her ability.


The Valkyrie can hold down the ability key to loft herself off the ground, avoiding all bombs and liquid hazards, while also granting a small boost to her range. Releasing the ability key grants the healing buff to all nearby players.

The UT Wings

  • Wings that when released make the player ethereal preventing them dealing or taking damage for a period of time
  • Wings that paralyze the player when the key is held, but grant both berserk and damaging
  • Wings that can not be used at all, but grant a powerful stat bonus on equip


Very cool ideas. I absolutely love the reliquarian! Would the artifacts that drop work like the christmas food items? If so, that would be cool.

Though I noticed that in The Valkyrie’s equipment description, it says the Bonemelder?


Oops, I didn’t notice that. I’ll fix it.

The reliquarian’s artifacts do work like the christmas food items. I think I’m going to expand the reliquarian into a full suggestion.


Interesting concept until I realized that mp and wisdom aren’t used.


He did mention that MP and Wisdom affect the potency of the artifacts, so using it would reduce the effectiveness of all other artifacts until it wears off. I think that’s a pretty cool idea.

@Ginoxe maybe using artifacts could use up mana to make them less spamable? Maybe about 150 for the really good ones.

Anyway I like all the classes. Great concepts :heart:


That is a good idea! I’m working on a complete suggestion with sprites for the Reliquarian right now so I may include that.


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