Visual bug with nexus floor tiles


So I went AFK in the nexus to eat dinner and I came back, someone pm’d me to do a trade, and I walked over and saw this:

Not sure if it’s intentional or a bug.
If it is a bug I think it has something to do with the nexus switching and tiles not rendering in properly. Framegun did not see these same tiles.

I am currently trying to replicate this bug.


I saw this too
I just assumed that this was a bug


Try flipping hardware acceleration off and on. It sometimes creates visual artifacts like this. Not sure if there is any way to fix it.


Hardware acceleration had no effect on this. I thought about it but it didn’t do anything whether on or off.

This bug initially occurred when HA was off btw.


Could be, that image is the “sunrise” nexus and those darker edges would match with the “nighttime” one that it would have last transformed from.


Grab a mop and clean it up instead of gawking.


I’ve seen it too, in the realm as well


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