"We currently cannot access any of the RotMG servers."


What’s wrong it’s been like a week.


Check again. Seems to be back up on some servers at least, and reporting some deaths.


This normally happens after a big update, it’ll come fully back online


Realmeye is shutting down because deca released a statement that they’re closing rotmg by 2024 due to dwindling profits


I thought that was fake? I even saw someone on the realmeye discord server debunk it.






This is fake, stop spreading rumors


Regardless of that rumor, it’s not the first time the bot went down for an extended period of time. I remember one instance that lasted nearly two weeks! Just keep an eye out for when MrEyeball resurfaces on its server. You may have to visit it in the same Nexus to restore your data on the site as opposed to just hanging out in any Nexus


is this real? can i get a confirmation on this?




realm eye in nexus!!




FFS rickroll


nonono is very real sir


Ahem. Read this thread.


@PetuniaDog we’re not coping I’m telling you to stop it


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