What are some of your oldest RotMG Screenshots?


I’ll start with me.
It took me 5 months to take a single screenshot.



january 2019


Aye, nice. Was that your first white? It was my first white around Nov/Dec 2019. (Before the drastic droprate buffs)


wasn’t the first white, but my first bulwark


oldest in my guild discord
oldest on lost halls server, both in oct 2019


these are the oldest screenshots taken from the beginning of 2014 to the end of 2014 (i wish i had taken screenshots before that, like early on gaming in 2011 and 2012 were a lot of fun)


I never really took screenshots of Rotmg since that seemed silly to me, but I do enjoy seeing captions from my era of the game! 2014-15 was a great time to walk into the game for newer players, in my opinion. Pretty stale in the new content department, but perfect for new players that didn’t have to keep up with a constant influx of new additions while they learned about everything else!


Here’s a the oldest I could find, from Feb 2014, a sexy white bag with the best ring/accessory in the game. I think then it was dropping as the Cursed Amulet of Zombification, i.e. after it had lost its resurrection capabilities. Sometime after that they removed the zombification feature due to bugs/exploits.


Yeah, it was not long after that time that they made it confined to the room you collected it in. A completely useless trophy that you could flaunt for a few seconds before either dropping it on the ground, or witness it evaporate from your inventory when you spawned into the next room.


Wait, seriously? They still allowed it to drop but not to transfer between rooms? That’s wack.


It was a way of removing its functionality from the game. If you e.g. had one in your inventory you could keep it there, but not take it out into Realm where you could die, triggering its buggy behaviour.