What are your problems with RotMG as of current?


Ok then proof? Which server has shatts 24/7? If you say this is true then simply tell me a place and I’ll be there. I’m more than happy to do “24/7” realm shatts.

Lol. I like how your argument is that I’m unskilled when my point was about beginners. Maybe chill out on the ad hominem my man. The fact of the matter is the early game needs a major overhaul. This has already been expressed by many players in the community.

There’s literally proof that the rotmg player base is shrinking, which is only possible if old players are quitting at a rate faster than the rate at which new players start playing. If you look at the aggregated data of active accounts going all the way back to 2015, it’s a pretty clear trend:


The problem is it’s not just me. The opinions I’ve expressed are far from novel, even in this thread itself. At the end of the day saying that you don’t want people telling deca the game is too hard is laughable. Other people’s opinions are just as valid as yours. Not wanting people to express themselves is just being selfish. We’re all part of the rotmg community and as a part of the community everyone can express their likes and dislikes however much they want. Ultimately what happens to the game is up to Deca themselves. You yowling and howling at everyone in this thread isn’t going to change that.


I have genuinely never seen a realm shatts have more than 10 people and they never complete the first boss, other than that one time a discord didn’t have a key so they had to go into realm.


I feel that this is extremely important to keep in mind when maintaining a discussion like this. I can understand why people can get mad at other people’s opinions, especially in threads like this, but we all have to realize that this is an open discussion, and trying to act as if your opinion holds more merit because “I have X more completes than you KEKW” makes you look like more of an asshole than someone who is trying to persuade others towards their opinion.


I’ve been playing over new years break. Tried out seasonal now that it’s not broken and I’ve been enjoying it. zero discords, just playing in realms. you just have to be able to accept you’re not going to be getting the best loot the game has to offer.

Fungal and Nest I find myself doing often no matter the group size and the bosses are some of my favorite in game. I do wish there was less work to be done pre boss for the fungal as I think it greatly takes away from the enjoyment.

I don’t really think the hardest dungeons are problematic themselves. I do believe the runes for O3 are problematic as it forces you to use discords if you want to try more than 5 a year (ignoring the free O3 events), public O3’s are done constantly when there are events that unlock 2 or all runes automatically and when this does happen it’s a good fun time.

O3’s are being done all the time anyway so I don’t see much reason to keep the 3 runes. Just have it always open it’s not going to change how rich the richest players get. I could. Maybe make the 3 runes be used to open a “key” version of the dungeon so people can still have their organized runs.

I’ve finished a few of them but the Shatter’s is simply out of my skill level which is okay. The good thing is the archmage and king don’t usually 100-0 you, you tend to have time to nexus if you get too low. If you are not too greedy you probably wont die. Getting to finish the dungeon without hitting that threshold that you should be nexusing is freaking hard though and you’ll just end up feeling like you wasted your time. I also hate everything non boss in the shatters.

Basically my biggest issue is the same it’s been for years. Keys… keys combined with discords taking players away from the realms and dividing the player base. people just hanging out in the realms are probably having more fun but always thinking “all this shit i got in a day could have been topped in 2 hours of discord raiding being led by the many talented narcissist of the game”

Oh and the monitization of the game has gotten even more out of hand. Realm has the most expensive skins of any game i know and most certaintly has the least amount of work put into them. $40 skins is absolutely vile. I blame Aimzer for everything. Worst deca employee.


Wait $40 for a skin? I never buy realm gold so I don’t really know the conversion rate but thats just crazy. Ive gone through the past update notes recently and it seems like theres a new money grabbing scheme in every one of them.


I can’t get on right now but there are a few skins that are either 3600 or 4000 gold, forget the exact number

Edit: even more when they first come out! @CaesarVIII


I agree with most of what you said. Beisa’s definitely one of the easier mini-bosses, but I wouldn’t go as far to say it’s midgame level with how you can get cornered or Slowed, leaving you a sitting duck. Not every Discord server has bad runs, and like you said Holy Cru and Raiders are reqless so they’re pretty accessible.

I get the part about lowering difficulty here being weird since it’s supposed to a hard dungeon as long as it’s for the right reasons. However, I don’t really where you get the idea that they play for loot and not fun.

While I do agree with most of what you said, strangely my biggest gripe with your reply is your tone:

You can disagree with the other person, but I just don’t appreciate how you worded your disagreement.

I definitely agree with most of your takes, but I don’t like the tone you gave off, especially as your opening sentence.


You didn’t included the part of that quote where I said “(at least for me)” for some reason? It’s just my opinion and I stated it as such lul

I don’t want to have to mess around with Discord servers though, that was my point. You’re pretty much forced to unless you want your run to be a complete nightmare.

But I have though lol. You can check my realmeye, I’ve done O3 plenty. Why would I be lying? What would I possibly gain?

I’m actually being quite the opposite of selfish, I’m favoring the casual playerbase over the hardcore playerbase that sits in Discord doing raids all day.

Yes, I play the game to get loot and make my character stronger. That’s… literally the entire gameplay loop and premise the game is built upon. The problems I propose are not only my problem. This same issue has been discussed countless times by others, many share my sentiment.

What is with you constantly talking down to me and others in this thread? I’ve been playing ROTMG way longer than you and was a member of Salty Spitoon, which was the top shatters guild back in the day and was in the top 5 guilds globally by fame gain. I can do O3 with relative ease. It’s not about me, it’s about the general playerbase. Stop talking down to everyone, you just look like a prick.


Also, they need to fix forge. Why it was nerfed to high hell I have no idea, but the forge might as well be removed because in it’s current state at least for endgame items it’s near useless.

Let’s look at O3 (applies to shatters as well): To craft one endgame item you have to sacrifice TWO endgame items from the same dungeon (all of which are very good so you’re basically trashing extremely valuable gear). What lol? I thought the forge was supposed to be a helpful tool for those who are unlucky when it comes to getting certain whites they want, not be punishing.

“Oh, but raiders have tons of whites so that’s why they cost more to use now” newsflash, 99.95% of players don’t have hundreds/thousands of completions on endgame dungeons. Most people don’t have so many endgame powerful UT’s that they’re willing to burn two to get one specific one (along with two other legendarys from other dungeons). This is asinine and honestly whoever is responsible for this should hang their head in shame.


This’d be a pretty good solution to the current issue of O3 being unavailable outside of discord groups. Maybe making each rune guaranteeing one of the 4 mini bosses would keep the rune items relevant (you’d have to make a 4th rune though).

Honestly at this point I’m more inclined to suggest they make keys to only be openable in realms or guild halls. It’d make these runs happen where people should be most of the time anyway, and it’d make being in a guild an actual benefit. I don’t know the consequences of the first option would be in any way positive (seeing as stragglers can just crash or wander in when they may not be invited), but the current siphoning of players from the realms is definitely not healthy, at least on the less populated servers.

(As a side note, I do like the mission system they introduced for seasonal characters, and the tooltips they have for the potion storage are useful for new players. Hopefully they continue to implement the tooltips as a form of breadcrumbing for newer players :smiley:

Though the UX design needs a bit of work, the sprites look flat without shadows, and the multiple shades of greyish cyan blue for the battle pass don’t seem visually appealing to me)


Remember when forge first released and people believed it made the act of getting endgame whites feel less valuable now? The nerf updated was supposed to address those complaints. The point of making it harder to forge endgame items in particular is so it isn’t super easy unless you do the specific dungeon. Although I will admit that they didn’t change this for items outside of endgame dungeons, it’s fine because they’re easier dungeons to grind anyways. I personally believe that the nerf is good and balances out some of the worthlessness associated with normal endgame white bag drops.

I also think that it’s good that you have to sacrifice two whites for one. You have to choose whether you want to keep the items you have or use them in order to get a different one you want. You could also be patient and just get the white drop yourself, but forge provides a sort of give-and-take system at the least for less fortunate players, and a way to free up vault space for hardcore grinders.

I genuinely believe that the nerf is for the best. It balances out just sitting back and using a stock pile of forge fodder whites from Fungal Cavern with requiring you to, at the very least, participate in the content that the item comes from. No more grinding the same funny mushroom cave to forge a purple and red robe from some mushroom armor.


Yeah its rough now for f2p, who remembers the monthly char slot or vault slots on the 30th day?


It’s so bad developing that they bring up you stupid bugs with nearly every update. Just logged on for 2 minutes and stumpled over a few bugs, e.g.

  • entering the Tinkerer’s Quest Room often resets the invetory so I cannot get the quest reward. must nexus and re-enter till it works.
  • changing the instance (entering vault, realm, dungeon or anything) results in about 25-50% into an error "An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. That means not only I often cannot enter a dung. When it worked I mostly cannot leave it without be thrown out of the realm into nexus.

What are they doing all the day? When I’d implement bugs of that quality at work I would have been fired immediately. For good reasons…

update: was not able to do just one oryx since tha last patch due to this bug


Seasonal and Regular mode is quite annoying for me. I refuse to play Seasonal because it doesn’t have my regular’s amount of vaults. Why can’t Seasonal and Regular trade too?


It’s not for you clearly, but something like Seasonal has been a long standing desire of many players, of a more old-school approach to play without all the wealth you’ve built up over the years. Not being able to trade with regular players is part of it. It’s sort of a mass PPE, with everyone else doing it at the same time and you can only trade with other PPEs.


I get that but why can’t Seasonal have Regular’s vaults? That’s the main reason why I’m refusing to play Seasonal.

Also, it’s not really PPE.


Having access to your regular vault would make it no different from your existing chars: you could just pot it up and gear it up from your vault. The whole point is you at least at the start have literally nothing except your pet.

It’s not exactly PPE, no, as you can trade. But many people are playing it like PPE by refusing to accept items off other players. I have, for my first seasonal char each time. Once that died, in the first and second season, I used whatever I had collected including an Apple of Maxening last time to speed things along. This season I’m still on the char I started with.

Making it so your seasonal vault matched your regular vault in capacity certainly isn’t going to happen as for many it would mean hundreds of additional free slots, to fill up with whatever they wanted, which would then go into their gift chests at season end.


With the Seasonal Vault you now can spend money for the same update each season again and again. But on the other hand, you can fill your regular Gift chest with UTs and STs and other stuff you normally put in the regular vault as all items from the Seasonal Vault will be transferred to your Gift chest at the end of a season. And the gift chest is not limited in space.

Unfortunately my Seasonal Vault is already full with UTs and STs, so I play my non-seasonal chars again.

  • The catering towards newer F2P players is awful.
  • Lot’s of main and old issues are not being taken care of including but not limited to the hacked clients, bots, and RWT sites.

Adding onto that, nothing is probably being done because of how little the playerbase has gotten, to touch anything now would probably be too unpredictable and from a company standpoint where your goal is to profit, of course they aren’t going to do anything about it. Same with the sites, it just brings more traction to the game. Harsh reality is nothing will ever be done about it really. Personally I’m neutral on the situation, so long as it doesn’t affect others. The issue arises when IP connecting takes away from the players.

Also, it’s been years DECA, please upgrade or fix your servers, it’s ridiculous and would be a start.

TLDR. just a small rant on things I know will just stay the same.


Discord servers and organized runs are the ones that took away the playerbase of the game. Why would people clear realms and do quests when they can just pop a key and get the same loot 50 times faster and with ease. This also affects the new players who don’t see others playing in the realm and not ‘evolving’ towards the endgame. (When you’re a new player to an rpg-mmo , it’s hard to learn the proper way of playing the game… and more-over…losing hours of playtime on a char learning a harder dungeon because you don’t know the patterns and very few people doing public dungeons means they’ll never learn and improve.

I’ve been playing on and off since 2011 and i got to see the game going down in popularity with each update that made P2P players get an unfair advantage over others (Like… really unfair… why grind a realm for a dungeon to drop when you can literally buy it and refine the mods to make it easier or straight up buy the gear from the shop).

I know they need financial support to keep the wheel turning, but ‘milking’ the playerbase will only lead to people leaving.