What does a star mean to you?


I’d like to think its more like
lb - lv 20
b - 4/8
r - 8/8
o - 4 8/8
y - 8 8/8
w - 14 8/8


explain yourself


UBHP is cheaper, easier to get, and isn’t a big as of a loss when you die with it. Plus it is only a 10 health difference from the DECA.


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You can replace the word “Summary” with anything else, when making these collapsed sections, if you want.


If so, please explain how I got an 8/8 necro on alt but not on my main?xD


git gud


can not relate


Can we have a new class and a green star? Green is much better than white lel xd


light orange


my fav colour and looks much better than the actual dark orange
should replace white or be better than it


If we’d get a new class the star reqs would just change from 14,28,42,56,70 to 15,30,45,60,75




I like those new numbers alot more. They just look nicer. (because they’re round?)


Blue star: 0/8and up
Dark blue: 0/8 and up
Red: 0/8 and up
Orange: 0/8 and up
Yellow: 0/8 and up
White: 0/8 and up

True and makes me think that all stars are equal!


OHHHH I get it!


Now, to me, stars just mean how much you dedicate to the game, but still has a bit of skill involved in it as you go higher up the ranks. Many of you are saying that you can just fame train to white, but the problem is that fame training to white takes a decent amount of dedication, but you could say it’s not exactly “skillful”

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the one where people think blue stars are bad isnt really a stereotype considering its kind of true for most blue stars, calling someone bad just because they’re blue star is kind of stereotyping, so i think the blue stars being bad isnt really a bad thing considering for the most part its true, unless someone is tryna get 14 8/8’s or top leaderboard on a light blue, but anyone whos played for over 3 months if they have blue star either they die once a month with like 5 stars or they play the same class or they die before they can get enough stars. the red stars being lel xd or whatever is kind of a stereotype since usually they get called that because they’re red star but its usually the ones that are annoying who are, usually one who doesnt talk or is nice doesnt get called that, but then sometimes orange stars act cocky and thats where the orange stars acting like theyre better than red comes in, they think just because they’re orange now they can make fun of the red star they once where, so the red starness of toxic doesnt come off at that point its just they’re more cocky because they think theyre so good being orange, then a yellow star puts em in their place, at this point they’re mainly jjust cocky because they’re the second highest star, not saying every yellow star is like this but quite a bit of them think they shud call someone wrong just because they said something becasue the yellow star within them thinks theyre veterens of the game, then there are white stars who are more of just no toxic just all cocky, most white stars like 9/10 of them dont do this, like 5/10 of white stars never talk and 4/10 are nice but that 1/10 or whatever amount think they’re the best at the game for having whitestar (usually the fame farmers) they’re the people that think white star matters so they suicide any character they can for 5 stars, they die all the time and cant max but who cares they got white star.

anyways thats what i think. i kind of tied up light blue and blue together since light blue is a starter then dark blue is when the stereotypes happen, since you only need to hit level 20 to get 1 star and at that point you’re there with your friends tryna get those level 20s fast so you can enjoy the game and you kind of just ignore the chat since you dont play the game without your friend.


jeeze, use paragraphs


People posted their Rank Histories, so…

Let’s not talk about star 34 or 43…


Ive grinded orange star without ftrain, but you always got that one dude who claims white on ftrain. I dont care how they get the star I’ll respect them for what star they have.


here’s my rank history because other people are doing that. Can you tell where I took a break and then got addicted again?