What does a star mean to you?


Yeah! Screw Rogue and Paladin.


Rogue is so easy to play.

Unless some idiot warrior decides to rush when ur rushing. I really hate warriors.


I prefer the high risk, constant screaming of rushing with trickster or assassin.


Yeah rogue is just kind of boring to play lol. I main trix.


A star means to me something DECA needs to rework (maybe having to go to 2000 base fame instead of death fame).


Which doesnt take that long either.


Forgot about how gear now gives % exp gain rather than bonus on death. They could just boost the fame requirements for 5 star or something like that.


I just got white star. Please don’t.


return to light blue star >:D


i just want a new rank system, be it new stars, that a white star would be needed for, or something new entirely. Since clearing basically 2 realms and most glands dungeond once gets you (probably around) 2k fame, either theyd need to be based off something else (exalts, total time playing class, something else), or way higher numbers than they are.


I am offended. I like my red star.


IK at least 2 dudes who choose to remain 1 star away from white.

One of them h8s Rogue and another one… simply don’t play Ninja.


Literally the only reason I’m white star is because I used paladin as my quest chest opener for like a year until he had enough fame to get 5 stars. I still have never used paladin outside of the nexus.


Im kinda same boat, only with warrior and pally (Im not great at the riskyness of the melees, knight was exception for the sheer bulk). Rn im sorta just going for using chests to get to 2k lmao.


Sword characters are my least favorite classes, but I still use them, even with some enjoyment as an option for variety! :frowning:


Same, my last three characters to 5 star are palidan (done that), priest (ptsd), and knight (which I don’t have balls to do on o2).


to me, a star just means how much time you’ve spent grinding fame.


Im not a big ninja player so stars dont mean anything to me

i have a metric ton of beisa stars in vault tho, bit ticked off it is my most common miniboss white


idk, everyone’s gonna be a red star now