What does a star mean to you?


I’d be an Orange, but let’s see if I can’t make it yellow before the deadline. ^^

Staying alive for that long isn’t that hard if you put your mind to it! Just don’t do stupid until you hit the goal.


I just got my yellow star two days ago, now I’ll be at 69/85 (yellow is 68)


The star ranking affects the tendency of a player to insult, denounce, or ignore a fellow player upon the imposition of discord in the realm.


Ah, if only I had the time to grind in lengthier sessions. I’ll get my white star back eventually for sure, so no worries there. Some of us will just obtain it quicker than others, some of you being immediately. :relieved:


I’d disagree for the most part, I think you just notice it more when it’s coming from a higher rank

Though that’s not to say that some people have a superiority complex


I think with the new star system I will get back my lovely orange star. :slight_smile:

especially for this statistics it will be a great change: https://www.realmeye.com/number-of-players-by-rank


If you’re a white star after the new rework then you might be playing a little too much >.>


Still at 61 (or 60 - I have no idea how much fame my necro has), never played after the fame rework though


you necro has has 3375 Base Fame sais the Graveyard of realmeye, so 3 stars


To me, a star means the mastery and the dedication you threw in for a class.


Thats one that died quite a while ago, I think my living one has somewhere between 3000 and 6000


When I read the new rules, it seems to me that it is based on currently living characters. For example, if I get white star and then die on my Wizard with 15K fame, I will go back to being yellow star. Am I reading that wrong?


Yes, that would be too hard.

If it’s the goal getting the white star would be pay2win.


I’m pretty sure it’s just 15 BF without being retired to die, like how the current system does with 2k.

That is a good point though, our dead characters very well might not count after reset. >.<
We’d have a lot less players with better stars for a while, then, because I’m sure there’s plenty of people with limited character slots.


Trying to get whitestar before star rework Pala PPE

Okay, that is a lot more reasonable than I was thinking… I will have to go see what my current star count would be with the new system.

Edit: comfortably in the middle of orange star.


stars are just how much you grind exaltation dungeons imo.


and how you don’t die in them


no way. I got 55 stars and never did any exaltation dungeon. :smiley:

And thats just because i dont want to get Exaltations. It makes the game too easy! But for sure it’s not because I’m not able to do these… :thinking:


im talking about anything above about 55, yeah its doable but just doesnt really happen