What have you gotten from ST Chests?


This is perfect since the everyone that logged on everyday this month got an ST chest!

So far, I’ve gotten a Geb Tome, Nectar Crossfire, Oryx’s Greatsword, Ryu’s Blade, Apiary, and a Forgotten Ring.

I’m also opening/popping about 20 of them on mules.


Two st samu rings and one st warr ring… :cow:


That’s an ouchie.

I’ve gotten Zaarvox, FPlate and Brain. Not too bad.


that’s as best as I can remember anyway


Tonight, a shendyt.




I got another garments from this ST chest.

Really just salt in the wound, since I can’t use it on my current archer ppe…


Of course, someone else gets the ST that I want and they complain they don’t want it.


so far:
two st poisons, an st scepter, an st oryx (battle attires) sword, a SEVENTH st necro staff, and a FIFTH zaarvox’s heart. I somehow missed a day without realizing it so no st chest for me :frowning:


Garments… I would be happy but I’m pretty sure the ninja st armor gives better offensive stats so I’ll just let the garments sit in my vault.


Lab St Robe, FPlate, And Pixie, not too bad luck in my opinion.


Huh, how did you get that many St chest though I’ve only gotten 3 after actively playing for 2 months on this account.


I missed the st chest by one day…

  1. I’ve been playing a lot longer than that
  2. some of those might not have actually come from ST chests and I’m just misremembering things

the ones I know 100% for sure are the katana, one of the armors, both skulls, the scepter, the two oryx rings, and the pally ring.


When were st chests released then? 1.5 Years? But the only st I’ve gotten out of drops is like fplate and champions bastion which I suppose isn’t too bad considering there are sts that are a lot worse.




incoherent grumbling



oops didn’t mean to FLEX :muscle::sunglasses:


so far
nectar crossfire, lod st helm, etherite, pixie, and akumas tear


Only 5 St Chests opened?