What rank SHOULD you be?


I’ve seen a number of posts recently (and justifiably so) about how the star system needs to be reworked. Based on the current 5 stars per class as a relative indicator of skill, but perhaps with new criteria, what rank/ color do you think you would be?

I personally think I would be a (high) Orange star or barely yellow star (rank ~66).

My explanation:

Rogue : 4 or 5 stars
I’ve done every dungeon on the class and have rushed every non-exaltation dungeon and soloed most. But I haven’t rushed switches in Shatters nor pots in cult on the class. I also feel like I should solo O3 on him (since it’s the easiest class to solo with) before I consider him mastered. Second-favorite class and played often.

Archer : 3 stars
8/8’d the class and have a life exalt, but haven’t even attempted all endgame content on it. I’m reasonably good with paralyzing/slowing, but I’ve never tried being the daze for a group. I don’t play this class often.

Wizzy : 4 stars
Been a clearing class (2-4/4 dps) for osanc a few times. Have some exalts and done all endgame content on the class, but never gotten top damage, and just in general not very proficient with EP. Played a reasonable amount.

Priest : 4 stars
Played it a lot selfishly but never been the ftome carry for a group, though I do have a handful of exalts. I have a reasonable sense of when to heal the group, and love rushing mid-game content with geb tome. One of the higher base fame chars I’ve had and I play a reasonable amount.

Warr : 3 stars
Like archer, have a life exalt but haven’t tried all endgame content on it. I play it decently and have done all mid-game content on it, but I don’t like the class much and don’t play it often.

Knight : 4 stars
Have a few exalts and have been the designated ogmur for a group as well as 1 of 2 knights for dirty-clean tombs. Have been the first stun on O2, but it isn’t something I do often. Decent at rushing and have done almost all endgame content, but have yet to do an osanc on the class. Played a reasonable amount.

Pally : 4-5 stars
Have a life exalt and a few others. Been the mseal for the group and rushed all mid-game content. Never been designated pally for osanc clear. Played a reasonable amount.

Sin : 5 stars
Have a decent amount of exalts and feel I have the timing down for insta-ing shatters bosses. In general pretty good with poison timings and my highest fame character to date, even if it isn’t my favorite. Played a reasonable amount.

Necro : 3 stars
Done all endgame content but Osanc (and have a couple exalts). Decent w/puri skull. But honestly just don’t like the class much and rarely play it.

Hunty : 3 stars
Same story as archer and warr. Rarely played

Mystic : 5 stars
Been a mystic for full-skip nests and voids and mystic for shatts and dirty-clean tombs. Comfortable rushing and soloing all mid-game content. Pretty good with tiered orb stasis radius. Not perfect with EP, but I don’t feel that is as much of a focus for mystic. One of my favorite classes and played often.

Trick : 4 stars
Only been in a couple full-skip voids and rushed a few pots, but I am confident in my decoy placement and timing in most all aspects of the game. Never rushed cult nor 2nd switch successfully. Have an exalt in every stat and my favorite class. Played often.

Sorc : 4 stars
Been primary slow for nest/fungal and have experience in all endgame content, but never been top damage. Also only 1 Osanc I think. Pretty similar story to Wiz.

Ninja : 3 stars
Kind of like archer, hunty, warr. Done some but not all endgame… pretty confident rushing mid-game. Not played often.

Sam : 5 stars
Done all endgame content and been primary expose for said content. Love using different wakis and really enjoy the class even though I don’t play it that often.

Bard : 4 stars
Similar to Sam… good at consistent buff, but I don’t think I’ve done an O3 yet. Played reasonably often and favorite bow class.

Summoner : 3 stars
Haven’t gotten a chance to play a ton yet, but have done all endgame other than Osanc (on 8/8). Pretty good at placing/vs follow minions, but haven’t mastered when to use what mace.


Based on the themes I’ve noticed for your list, suffice it to say that I’d be a solidly new yellow star, with 4/5 on each class.

Just the way I like it. c:


I got 5 stars for trickster, but cannot play it. I always tp directly into the bosses and die (dont want to tp there, want to do damage, but tp there, cause thats the skill of the trickster).

But I give nothing on the color of the star. I cannot buy anything with it and it says nothing about a player.


Orange star


Maybe lower orange star. I’m pretty good at every class but only have OSanc completes on Samurai, Archer and Warrior at the moment.


Depends on how you set standard.

  • I used to be pretty good at surviving back when I no-lifed the game and a few of my chars lived for multiple years
  • I’m not that great at soloing bosses without a pet, rushing LHs or other things
  • I could solo pretty much everything except for shatters/void, though I’m not sure if I could still do it with IOC/OOC
  • I also never played Bard/Summoner since Exalt doesn’t run on my computer

Somewhere between yellow and white I guess


light blue star


Probably like middle orange star.


Lol. Do you only really play like 2 classes?


1* class lol


Exactly. So with all due respect you’d probably be 1-2 stars on the class if it better reflected your skill and net usage?


I was waiting to see more replies like that. If I was true to myself and wasn’t a bit of a completionist I probably wouldn’t play hunty, archer, ninja, warr, or necro ever. And by this rough standard that would probably put me at a red star haha.


I mean, the only class is trickster. She is the best class. She has everything. The other dagger classes hate her. She has booba, big ATT, moves fast, and is just the only class people should realistically main.


I’m not here to argue that. Definitely my favorite :joy:


I wasn’t trying to argue, bruv, I was here presenting the facts of the known universe. You cant argue against against the law of the very fabric of spacetime.


Light blue star. I have been 8/8 twice. I died with my first one because i ran into all the knives in a knife wall. My second one is really good. But that is two classes. I can’t do most sword classes (my first 8/8 was a pally) and i can’t do any other weapon but staff.


Considering I just came back, and haven’t completed a single o3…

Low yellow or high orange.


Probably around high orangeish/low yellow, had an 8/8 of most classes- I think all except summoner and samurai. I’ve done every dungeon several times except for o3- only ever completed two mini bosses.


I think solid yellow. I have maintained 8/8 of every class for a while, and have had characters over 10K fame even before the rework. I am very comfortable with all dungeons other than O3, and am confident with 3/4 mini-bosses in OSanc.


I think it would vary based on how you enjoy playing the game as well, for example I prefer to run endgame dungeons alone or with small groups while others prefer to do it with discords. Perhaps if fame was quantified by boss exp divided by number of players in the dungeon, it would encourage more and more people to challenge themselves in the game and learn to solo more often, Of course some people just enjoy running with discords and thats cool too.