What skin did you get?(Including Motmg, mystery skins, halloween,etc)


smh why did everyone wasted the crystals in that


i don’t care for pet skins and the other ones aren’t all that cool imo


I mean you can wait until your fav skin comes to the shop and grab it from the tinkerer with the crystals (only if the tinkerer dont ask you for the orange ones)


oh yeah…well i don’t have a favorite skin right now so whatever :man_shrugging:


Chose a ninja skin from the free 80 crystals:


Though the mystery from this month’s logins was a bust, hit one of the 9 I already have, a repeat sorcerer:




oh he will, DECA ain’t dumb


hey, a decent amount of the current skins are skins I’ve been looking for.


pingu knight


To take the Grand Enchantress skin, or to bet on a different skin…hnng…


Halloween Mystery Pet from day 31 of October’s calendar; hatched a Zombie Dog, forgot to screenshot before I used it:


October 2019 Login Rewards Calendar

I got the big boy pumpkin skin
Kinda didn’t care so didn’t screenshot


Just a reminder that today you will have gotten enough mystery ST shards to collect your ST skin if you logged in enough times.


forgot you already can get it, thank you for the reminder!


hoping for not hunt cuz its the only one I have


the only one i have is the trickster :stuck_out_tongue: getting it would make me veeeeeery sad


rip only have 9 shards


please just dont be trickster

ehhhhhhhhhhhh I already have a sick rogue skin but at least its no trickser


My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.


ok mr flex

If/when UT trading becomes a thing, ill offer an oreo for that tablet


I had three dragon tamer skins (excluding the one I had already used) at some point