What skin did you get?(Including Motmg, mystery skins, halloween,etc)


Shrine Priestess when?


Somebody is going to get beach cake, I can feel it


Cool, but I already have a much cuter skin unlocked.
I’ll take it for the collection, though ûwû


I got baby djinja skin from the free pack. I’m not complaining. :slight_smile:


jus’ a smol little cutie :3


Nice! :D


got the same one! debating whether i should feed or use it


Somebody is going to get wicked dragon skin, I can feel it

The General Chat Thread v2

@DeeBomb glad i didn’t get wicked dragon wizard. Already have it, and I have an extra in vault


I wish I did lol. Got mini nut skin :neutral_face:


Nnnnh, it’s…cool…I guess?


Lucky :drooling_face:




The frequency at which I post in this thread should be taken as a guideline for the availability of (pet) skins :^3


DeeBomb at 7:49: image

DeeBomb at 7:51:

DeeBomb now: Super excited and happy
I swear I didn’t rig these though. First I knew I was gonna get beach cake, then I asked nicely for a wicked dragon skin


Everyone wants Wicked Dragon, its about the sweatiest wizard skin in the game lol


I know, like my favorite skin in the game other than beach cake and in the 3 legendary skins I’ve opened I’ve gotten both!


I missed a day near the end, so I missed out :<


I got the Mini Nut Archer skin and I’m very happy :slight_smile:


Cleopatra priest