What will be the snapping point for you guys to quit Realm


What will be the snapping point for you guys to quit Realm?


Probably some really cash-grabby and broken chest event.


When it becomes a monthly subscription game


When uts become tradable


When we have to pay to play (I’m f2p and intend to stay that way).


When the game becomes dead and numbers of players drop too much.


I don’t think there is much that can stop me from playing the game. I can’t think of any reason that i wouldn’t keep playing until the end.


What if Kabam returned?


I’d maybe be slightly peeved and play a little less, but I’m going to end up playing more later on even if I say I’m quitting


A game wide account wipe :^)


tbh after emptying my vault and chars before, and having started an npe, it wouldn’t be that bad. I could probably get back to where i am in about a year. I would assume Campfires could/would do the same


^ This

Them removing / hard nerfing something that I’ve put a lot of money into such as pets, me getting too bored of the game to stay (although I’d come back a while after), pretty much any really really shitty thing that could happen to the game would cause me to either quit or play much less, although there aren’t many things that are that bad.




there is no snapping point c: i can quit and come back at whatever time i want.

tho there was a point where i quitted for 7 months to deal with issues as my girlfriend broke up with me and i realised how many things are actually messed up in my life.


Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the Unity port. My limited experience of Unity as a user on Mac is it sucks. A lot of this is to do with it being popular with amateurs who haven’t a clue, but down the years I’ve had far more bad experiences with it than Flash. And this is with hardly ever coming across it, as for casual games Flash dominates.

So though I have confidence in DECA, that they will take their time and invest the resources to do it right, I also know there are lots of ways it could go wrong. In particular the seamless cross-platform play we get with Flash might no longer be possible.




Juggs in the mystery box


when i need to pay to keep playing. im free to play and proud to be so.


As of now, almost everything in the game is monetized in some form. Even UT’s are indirectly monetized through key sales and loot potions to increase one’s likelihood of getting them. The only thing that isn’t monetized at all in this game is fame. If there were a 2x fame potion released for gold, I would quit, because that would prove that the game is all about money and you can buy your way through the entire game. The whole game would cease to be meaningful or fun to me at that point.


FWIW (admittedly, after stalking ur account) aren’t you sorta-afk, bar the whole “releasing new content/dungeons and (maybe) toying with some redesigned UTs”?


shit happens ;-; its kinda under controll now. i do have my regrets tho