Which UT/ST do you want the most?


I just got mercy’s bane today


i got it a couple weeks ago


I need a Quiver of Dazing Love


lol i got that


i got one its not that useful sadly :\

the cooldown is too long for it to be any good imo




Good choice fam. My main 3 characters (warrior, archer, priest) have 3 different rings (deca, pyra, gemstone respectively) and the deca is definitely the most useful imo.


Never gonna get one




Hey listen buddy…


I’m so poor, I’d probs be to scared to actually use it.


I’d give you one for free sooner or later


It works, fight me.


so does the mystic, assassin, priest and even rogue st rings, the coral ring, the ring of divine faith, the crystal bone ring and the spider’s eye ring. alternatively you could equip st. abes wand or a condu instead of fiddling with rings.

the catch is I would never use any of those items as a main item, which means I have to carry them as swapouts. omni and cultist rings can be used as a main ring so it solves the issue for me.


Jugg seriously it’s so annoying to farm for


Leaf Hide


I said:

then on Feb 19

And on Mar 19

You can do it!!!


i legit want a coral bow simply cause it looks cool and its a good bow for archer which is one of my favorite classes, or the butter bow cuz… butter…


crown or cdirk