White tick off list


I know this sucks

whited out are the ones I have gotten


my slightly more impressive but equally depressing list of orange bags:


(I’m lazy so I took the first usable st image I found.)

green is have had, blue is I think I have had one at one point, not sure though.
I realize now that my white drops kind of suck. The st’s, however, are much more lucky for me.
-Note: I did not highlight if I have only gotten reskins. If I did then a few more would be squared.



my orange bags are a lot better


I’m missing more than I thought, but I suppose I don’t actively try to get any whites other than Ogmur dang you LOTLL

Do I… Do I actually suck at the game?



Hehe I’ve gotten 3 whites that candy hasn’t!
ignore that he’s gotten wayyyyy more than 3 whites that I haven’t


hah imagine not getting useless katana as your first white lmaoooo what a noob


You mean Krathana? Because it’s actually good. :smirk:


Yeah it’s good but there is a different katana called useless katana that’s actually useless




I… did not expect you to not have a miniboss white


I’m also surprised as well…

…wait I actually have that, my ticklist is wrong



NOTE 3d whites not included on the template, I haven’t gotten any of them yet though

Here’s my st tick off list, almost done actually. Will be at least a year cuz i need the quiver from glitch and didn’t get it this april fools :c


You’ve never gotten colo sword?


i think thats a mistake because triforce even posted about bringing the colo sword out of his vault to go on his ogmur knight.(iirc)


Yeah that’s why I posted it- to let him know.


…I need to do more endgame dungeons…


You have all of the osanc weapons and armors though