(WIP) Status Effect Rework (Resistance Build-up)


As the title suggests, I wanna suggest a status effect rework due to how it can make certain fights trivial at most or it being completely useless as the boss would have complete immunity.

My suggestion would be to make ALL enemies vulnerable to status effects as well as increasing their status duration and ability mana cost. However, after the status ends, the enemy gains immunity to the status effect for a duration, depending on the status effect (like stasis-immunity for mystics). Certain status effects may have different or even no immunity for the enemy such as slows.

I’m still not sure if this would be a good idea as it could kill things such as perma-stunning, comment down the thoughts you guys would have on this.


Deca already has talked about implementing this before.


In addition to modifying the system further, DECA has already applied this suggestion in a minor way to stasis on enemies and paralysis to both players and enemies alike.

I can’t wait for that change to happen. Perma-anything makes the game trivial, but having everything be immune to most status effects renders items situational.


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