Would you install a RotMG-related App on your mobile phone?

  • Yes
  • No

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For example, reply to Realmeye messages, trade offers, do daily log-ins when you can’t make it to your computer, get notifications when a friend/guildmate signs on, server notifications, etc (the ideas are limitless, and I’m sure you guys can come up with better ideas than me).


I wish I could do daily logins remotely, but that is about the only thing I would use it for. The Realmeye forum already works just fine on mobile.


No, I don’t have a phone!


this is a question, not an idea. you could put this in the polls thread, otherwise Idk where to put this in.
this thread doesn’t belong in the ideas category, this I’m sure.

the poll is multi choice instead of single choice, most likely the result of a foolish mistake.
I also suggest adding “(assuming you have one)” to the end of your question.

as for my answer, well that depends on the app itself.


YES!!! though i think having a more specialized app for Realmeye would be good to. i would want to have one where you can also trade items (if you see x item you want and you have the item that the trader wants in return, you click [TRADE] and the items will be transferred through accounts. i’d also like to see a generalized questions channel/vc, because right now the various discord channels are bad and take too long to get info. also make it so you can use forge


The ‘for example’ is far too broad for this to be answerable. I mean, you can do a lot on your phone now with a web browser as you can use this web site for some of the things you mention. Some other things like notify when a friend/guildmate signs on Realmeye could do but it doesn’t.

Anything like doing daily logins though requires running the game, and you can’t yet do that on your phone. Until DECA decides to make a version for phones you could in theory login remotely from your phone on your PC. I don’t know how well it would work though, especially over a long distance phone connection.

So it’s hard to see what need there is for an app. You should try and come up with a clearer idea of what it could do, that improves on just using the web and remotely logging in to the game.


warframe’s companion app allows you to craft items and deply loot gatherers without warframe being on mobile, so i don’t see why daily logins can’t happen aswell.


That would require DECA to make the app though.

You used to be able to use Muledump to register daily logins but AFAIK that’s no longer possible, and even if it were running Muledump on your phone is far from trivial.

So that, and definitely else such as crafting (using the Forge in RotMG I guess), would only be possible with a companion app. And I can’t ever see them doing that.

If DECA do anything I would think it would be full port of the game, which in many ways would be easier; Unity supports exporting to iOS, and having just one app to support is less hassle. It would certainly be more worthwhile, giving people more ways to play and enticing new people to play it.

The one argument against it is RotMG is not a very good Unity game. I like the game, or I would not be here. But it has horrible performance, suffers from disconnects, other bugs. Chances are it would perform even worse on most phones and tablets. It might even be too poor for Apple to approve it.


That would be so useful to collect the daily logins


you can still run muledump. just not jakis version


Which version is that? And is it still possible to get it running on a phone? I remember it was possible but that was before it needed the CORS plugin, which only works with some browsers.


Back when RotMG was on flash I recall there was a way to get it to run on your phone. There was actually a PubHalls RL who lead runs exclusively from his phone. Unfortunately not possible anymore as far as I know.


I totally agree, if the port is something silimilar to darza’s dominion, I wouldn’t, if it could overcome the problems with darza’s, then sure