AKLDragon PPE Thread


Realized its been a lot of playing since I posted here. My huntress is now 7/8, and has ctrap, st crossbow and griff. Also 5K base fame! Sadly still a t3 hp ring




A few other loot highlights are below. Edit: all posted are sts i guess :man_shrugging: gotten a few other whites but nothing notable


Noice! From 1 nest I just got bee armor, st ring and st armor and a t14 robe. I didnt get my last life to max tho.
Edit: just realized from 2 pieces I get +5 def and spd, so goodbye t3 hp ring


I personally dont have anything against using quest chests for my ppes(with marks I’ve gotten with the ppe)
So got a nice ring now

I’ve gotten 4 shield runes now as drops and 0 other runes. Thank goodness for the conversion quest


Best PPE so far at 11.5 base fame (also highest char ever so far), must have run into a big bullet.

Sad to see this huntress go. I was more attached than to the necro and was having fun. Also I find slow to be really useful. BUT I got to 8/8 with lots of loot so I feel satisfied, I only wish it could have lived to 15k base.

Final items:


New bard 1/8

Equipment loot (missing a t5 lute i got)

Phat loot


3/8, and 1500 fame which was a main reason I chose bard


27 minutes later…


New lucky UPE
(dont mid the far away bag, I was scared)


This will be my set forever. No I am not taking feedback. /s


:frowning_face: I got dragged on, both regular enemies and a spooky. Sad days, I was having fun


New warrior


I’ve been skipping most tiered equipment upgrades, some i’ve been too scared to screenshot or too lazy



Well now I’m dissapointed. I did one random ddocks opened with my current character and got cutlass and st helm that I can’t use.


prismimic cult

new ring

rng seems determined that I don’t have enough swords

7/8 and 5K base fame



More sword


First time trying o3, i did get past celestial but used all my hp pots and ichors. Oh well


fff that really sucks. I hope that you continue to do o3 and try to get better at it!


Thanks! Sadly I was busy most of this weekend so I didnt get to practice.