AKLDragon PPE Thread


So I saw a need in the community after this one, and decided to do a ppe trickster. Here’s my trickster-geared loot, and favorite whites

Didnt realize these have 15 gold forge :man_shrugging:


Other loot: (my screenshots refuse to upload so good thing I uploaded the good ones)

  • magma mantle ST from abyss chest at lvl 15
  • ep
  • ST anointed robe from stone guardians
  • helmet rune
  • UT esbens wedding ring
  • UT candy coated armor


Survived to 3/8, 1 def to 4/8 and almost 6/8 too.
I got confused in a cem duo and ran straight over skuld at the wrong time. I’m a little sad but not bad, this was a good trickster overall and got me good loot.


Well im an idiot. Even still had the seal in my inv and decided to walk right over an exploding boi


So I realized I hadn’t posted anything from my *new* ppe wizard! So here is his adventure
5 whites/sts, 1 that i decided to use


Nice probably still somewhat rare bonus!

A second jugg blueprint… useless :pain: and still no jugg


Got but didnt use until later…

Not many comments here, missed the Cosmic drop from an o2


Yay upgrade!

This was the only set piece i was missing but now I’ve gotten 3. Great feed power though

Nothing much came from this


Yay ring!

And now a 6/8 wizard, not even close to 8/8 yet though

And a second non-ep sprite white


I’m now 8/8, although i didnt get a 7/8 or 8/8 screenshot.

Notable drop

All the not useful stuff, thanks for feed

Good news is, my cland curse is well and truly broken.
[insert another cc picture that doesnt want to upload -_-]

I swear 95% of the stuff this wizard gets it cant use, but thats alright since its set is fine without swapouts.

Stuff I'm glad I got (notable to me)

First mt white from an mt! (got 1 from a quest chest) over 100 done

New sheath nice

I like it


Double snowman part drop

YYAY a new skin


The last drops


And death in a void. The key had 32% extra damage from bosses, and I wasnt focused on dodging at all so I died in the first rotating phase likea a noob.


I’m going to screenshot a bit more of my tiered upgrades for this one.

Unsuccessfully tried kensei twice, with a bit of fun,

My pain when I get 2 prismimic whites but its this trash

but now I’m doing samurai.


I’m running cults on my archer because this ppe doesnt meet reqs to do discord runs (did one random run), so it will be slower for a few days.


lmao, i tped and then was watching iron man in the background and not looking. Hello beer god


I started a new archer!


Leaf bowwwww after 3 wlabs :blush:

I’ve discovered i really like this dagger on my rogue, so im glad to have a backup.




Well somebody decided to solo clear the shatters minions for fun
I was doing well until something came out of nowhere from behind and sat on me :frowning:
OOOOH it was an invisible rogue enemy, wtf. I was pretty sure I had cleared all the enemies, wow that hurts.


I am sad about this death, because that archer was going places and was recently 2/8. But it’s not as bad as some others because I did learn something new from this death.