All quest monster should drop UT or ST


Ill credit for most of the ideas behind this to @Abraxuss my guildie. A little background story before I introduce his ideas. Abraxuss always rants about rotmg items and pally is broken what not but he had a interesting idea about realm main quest monster. Oasis Giant, Phoenix, Cyclop God and Red Demon should drop Ut items, they should be uniquely powerful enough to use in certain situation. I was skeptical about this idea but I also indeed feel like the main quest monster should drop their respective items, it doesnt have to be a white bag nor st bag, a cyan bag would be fine. Althought the sprite wand has literally no practical use, it’s a god danm weak unique item to use/have. I see a critical mass with many swap outs and how reliable can a unique opportunity to use the item will be, @Abraxuss proposed that some items from Phoenix, Oasis, Cyclop, and Red demon items should have a 10% to proc an effect. Since Deca has been starting to make items with the 10% proc or proc chances, the effect is still new. I believe that would have an incentive to use for unique situations. How good would it be? Who knows, good enough to pick up as a usable swapout.

TL:DR- Guildie rants about unique items should drop from main quest monster.

P.s- If you have pixie and dblade in your inventory you made my stomach sink.


I like this idea since most of them drop literal garbage. Nonetheless they need to be buffable just like ent, with each level increasing droprate. They base forms need to stay since some of them are pretty low level quests.


ronan’s blade useful-ness would be nice


Yeah that would be a good and bad idea lmao, trollers buffing for no reason but with a reason. Not sure why people buff ghost king tho.


Sometimes I think for a moment that the ghost archers drop the sts, but then I remember they don’t afterwards, and I’m just kinda like, crap.


Define: Quest Monsters

Technically, the scorpions, bandit leaders, crabs, and etc are considered quest monsters for low-leveled players.

The Great Coil Snake is in the same category as the Ghost King / Phoenix as well, but takes far shorter time to kill.


I said main quest monster, ie to close realm


Ah sorry, didn’t catch that.
Don’t you think they would end up as mostly useless items though? The Mixcoatl set that drops from the Forbidden Jungle is UT, but it’s usually more collectible than actually being used.


Well as my guildie presented the unique items would have the tag or flavor text 10% or a proc chance. For example Phoenix robe ( obviously drops from Phoenix) has a 10% chance to active healing effect when you take dmg above 75 or something.


By that you mean Heroes of Oryx right?


The staff is really good for the early game, boasting t9 staff dps and one of the highest ranges among staff, so great for noobs without good pets.


Red Demon now drops an ST


Sure, some more reason to do these quests wouldn’t do any harm, and the item(s) should be tailored to be useful for the beginner player (crystal staff a great example of this). So maybe talking of a downgrade equivalent to Csword (=range but downgrade of DPS) to give the beginner melee player a useful item. Pick out some other ‘newb-unfriendly’ classes and design something that’s beneficial (like curse-only orb). Maybe a Plague-radius poison that’s fast to throw but lower dmg; a Trap with low MP cost, low dmg, but large radius to allow a carpet to be set. Etc.

Or like has happened with the Red Demon being used as a location for an ST piece, it could also happen ‘naturally’ when new STs get added, using the Heroes as a place for the new items to drop, though because those items are usually going to be aimed at endgamers, I’d see that as an additional thing, to the above, not instead of.


I think the idea is good but just for Ghost Kings, they should drop a White bag.


Idea- Robe of the Rising Sun
Dropped from Phoenix Reborn, cyan bag, 5% chance
Stats- 8 def, 3 vit, 55 hp
Proc- Rebirth
When you are below 175 hp, heals you for 255 hp and shoots a radial blast of red weaken stars that deal 50 damage
Cooldown- 7.5 minutes
Found among the ashes of the fallen Phoenix Lord, this robe seems to glow with its own inner fire.
Enjoy! What do you think?
Edit- incorporated changes (thanks demonseye!)


It’s rare, ok, but it sacrifices 5 defense compared to the soulless to have a nice proc and more hp.

Nerf it and make it a cyan bag imo


Okay, then

  • Cyan bag, 5% chance of drop
  • Proc only heals 225 instead of 300
  • Robe only grants 55 hp instead of 80 hp
  • Robe only grants 8 defense
  • Cooldown now 7.5 minutes
  • +3 vit, not +5
    Will that do?
    Thanks for the feedback!


I like the effect and sprite, nice job


This reminds of a private server [redacted]. Oasis giant dropped something and was incredibly overpowered.

[please refrain from naming pservers. discussing them is fine as long as it’s kept vague and doesn’t promote them. ~xak]