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Mechanical Priest ST (6)
[UT Skull] Medusa's Visage (13)
Beginner ST Set: Insect Paladin (17)
Some Sprites for the tiered traps because right now they are pretty perperonis (13)
White Bag Drops from Bandit Base (Dungeon Idea) (4)
Crystalline Assassin Set (3)
Tier 7 Rings (Royal Crowns + Lore!) (19)
Some O3 Ability Resprites (6)
Sanglemort the Thanatomancer(Contest?) (1)
Random Items I Made Instead of Doing My Schoolwork (11)
The Shatters UT Themed Sets (plus rebalancing the rings!) (13)
Skull of the Beast (8)
Dancemaster's Taps: Keep moving and grooving for insane DPS (1)
Brutal Tyrant Set [Samurai UT] (3)
Kitchen Knife (6)
Staff of Esben Rework Idea! (5)
Arcane Rapier resprite (4)
UT Wakizashi (7)
Collossus sword projectile 2 (6)
Buffs/Reworks of Various Abilities! (15)
Buffs/Reworks of Various Items: Part 2! (9)
Broken Crystal Fragment (UT dagger) (6)
Wakizashi of Vengeance [+ Some New Concepts] (10)
Kageboshi Buff (7)
Early/Mid-Game UTs 1 (6)
Explorer Wizard Set - An ST set for the early game (13)
UT Wakizashi Idea (8)
Seal of the seven seas (13)
Priest tome/Rework (7)
Firecrackers (UT Trap) (7)