Anyone experiencing disconnects in dungeons recently?


As of the recent big update, it’s getting harder and harder for me to exalt my huntress because I would disconnect while doing an exaltation dungeon (The error message shows itself as the existing host screen). Before you ask, yes I have checked as many controllable factors on my end to ensure it’s not because of a problem on my end. Internet is perfectly fine, I’m playing on my home server, all those stuff etc.

Reason why I’m asking the question in the title is because of the 6+ times I have disconnected today, they all happened on my huntress and after I had killed an enemy in the dungeon. It’s not a specific enemy, as it has happened in the shatters, ddocks, crystal cave, fungal cave and nest. It also seems to be happening only on my huntress and when I’m clearing alone, as it has never happened in a group clear, or in a solo clear but on a different class, both scenarios happening post-summoner update as well.

What I’ve also noticed while doing these dungeons was an increase in the frequency of “revived enemies”. Y’know that divinity issue where you could kill an enemy with the beam and the enemy would appear a fraction of a second later? Yea, that’s been happening to me lately only on that class, enemy would be killed and somehow brought back to life a moment later. It doesn’t DC me, but maybe it has a chance of doing so and I never see it happen because it happens right as I kill the enemy? I also don’t know… could also be due to exaltation dmg bonus, but if that was the case I should be dcing on other classes…

But regardless, pretty much discouraged me from playing the game, which I suppose is ironically a good thing considering I was supposed to stop a while ago. Still, would like to know if it really is just me or other people are facing a similar issue

Anyone experiencing frameskips recently?

I definitely think it’s a dungeon related issue. Between yesterday and today, I’ve been D/C’d about 8 times, ALL of which were solo dungeons. I’ve been D/C’d from a tomb, a couple of Sewers, and several manors, and the one unifying factor between them all is that I was playing solo.

Class type and Exaltation status probably doesn’t play a role in the D/C’s, since I’ve played multiple classes and I have no exaltations.


Can confirm for at least the solo Manors, since I ran far too many to obtain those 5 marks for the quest. The game especially hated it when I’d throw a ton of ninja stars at Ruthven all at once. I might have been freaking out his transitory phases by dealing enough damage to skip them, and he’d occasionally disappear and reappear in his humanoid form, which was an indicator for a likely crash.


Yesterday I was soloing a sewer, and the second the boss died I disconnected. It especially sucked since I had a white bag, too. Not actually to mad about losing then white because I already have both, but what was really annoying was then getting an endless “connection forcibly closed by remote host” chain when trying to connect to the server.


Personally I’ve mostly had disconnection issues related to entering a portal or a bugged Realm - no idea what all that was about - but no such thing happening while inside a dungeon

The “revive” thing should only truly matter in cases of SetHP or monsters being healed. Do you remember any specific ones that you encountered doing this?


yes, i’ve had some issues yesterday.


I’ve had issues with disconnecting from sprite worlds when using Summoner’s ability. I avoid using ability in sprites now :confused:


odd. i’ve never had that problem, it just happened at random.


I solod a cem earlier today and I got DCd from the final boss :sob::sob: It wasn’t due to my connection, I could hear my friends just fine and the realm didn’t DC it was just me.

I also have an issue when I go into a spider den to get healing ichors during an O3, sometimes it will DC me when I try to leave. It happens often enough that I’ve quit risking it


Had it happen to me twice today when I was the only one shooting the Ddocks stowaway. I thought it might have been an stupid feature. Now I’m suspicious


You’re not alone with the issue on entering a bugged realm, my founder constantly gets that issue and nowadays he just sits at nexus until he hears an event callout from us to avoid wasting time.

As for the revive thing, yep, some might fit your descripotion of enemies being healed or sethp’ed, but the list seems so bizarre that some of it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Ddocks - One of the big pirates, DC Cause: Bartholomew Parrot
F. Cave - A random small mushroom, DC Cause: Also the small mushroom
C. Cave - Yellow Crystal Monster, DC Cause: A bat
Shatters - Stone Paladin, DC Cause: Also the stone paladin
Nest - A slowing bee, DC Cause: Also the slowing bee


Update: Finally decided to record some DC clips, the issue is horribly bad atm, I’ve managed to DC twice in my 7m long recording:

First clip, I dc’ed as soon as my second Dbow shot hit those Medusas

Second clip, I dc’ed as soon as one of my Tshot arrows hit a small bee

Like, what do? I legit can’t play the game getting kicked out like this… Again this has NEVER happened before the summoner update, and with each passing day it just seems to be getting worse and worse T ^T

For additional info, I decided to calculate the damage dealt in the first clip against the Medusas. The first shot dealt 940 dmg, while the second dealt 942 (seen a frame before DC). A Medusa has 2000HP, while I have a 5% Dmg Exaltation, so the amount of damage I dealt was:

[940 + (940 x 0.05)] + [942 + (942 x 0.05)] = 1976.1 damage dealt
2000 - 1976.1 = 23.9 HP remaining

Which means by right, it wouldn’t have killed those Medusas, so I’m just…idk really

For the second case, I shot one arrow at a small worker bee which has 125HP

Amount of damage dealt: 121 + (121 x 0.05) = 127.05 damage dealt
Amount of HP remaining: 125 - 127.05 = 2.05 HP overkilled

So at least for this one I’ve actually killed the worker bee


@Kingsports @Imivan @Nyxdote

Were you guys dced on classes in which you had damage bonus from exalts for the class?


once or twice, but nothing game changing. certainly not as bad as start of exalt.


Hm, none of those cases bar the Stone Paladin should even have any source of healing, afaik.

I actually remember something from an earlier report, stating that somehow, exaltation boosts were applied twice. I have no idea if this was since fixed, but if that’s the case, then your Huntress would effectively have 93 attack instead of 89 (Wilhuff sent me a pic of your exaltations through).
Dividing the shown damage by the 89 attack multiplier of 2.28 (0.5 + 89 / 50 = 0.5 + 1.78 = 2.28), after adding the Medusa’s defense of 18, means that your shots had a base damage of 420 and 421, respectively.

If I then multiply that by the “new” 93 attack mult of 0.5 + 93 / 50 = 0.5 + 1.86 = 2.36, we get our new values of 991 and 993. Which also doesn’t work.

Not all is lost, though. In your calculation, you added the damage bonus after accounting for defense.
If instead, we take the non-defense-reduced values:
[958 + (958 * 0.05)] + [960 + (960 * 0.05)] = 1005.9 + 1008 = ~2014
…though, again, this wouldn’t bee enough to kill the Medusa, since substracting her defense from the new values still leaves her with a miniscule amount of health.

The last possibility I can think of is both being applied - so 93 attack, and an extra 5% damage dealt.
This would leave you with the following:
[991 + (991 * 0.05)] + [993 + (993 * 0.05)] = 1040.55 + 1042.65 = 2083.2
Which is more than enough to kill the Medusa. Still, I have no idea if this is actually the case or not…


Interesting calculations…if only it could’ve been made simpler without exaltation boosts being applied twice, after attack…after defense…lots of shenanigans.

Regardless though, do you believe this is a possible reason for the DCs, or could it be something else entirely still?


Honestly, I’m extremely unsure. Exaltations being :crab: is obviously an issue that should bee addressed, but I can’t seem to reproduce the issue.

One thing of note is that I did manage to prove that damage dealt with exaltations does not always equal the damage shown. In my specific case, I was able to kill a Guild Hall Target - 700 HP, 0 defense - with 3 shots of a Ray Katana, on a Ninja with a 2.5% exaltation damage boost, and 77 attack (including the +1 bonus from exaltation)…by dealing 231 damage per shot. This should have obviously accounted for only 693 total damage, yet the target died anyway, which proves that somehow, exaltations do not properly work.
Extra note: despite this, I didn’t dc even after doing it multiple times. Maybe the enemy needs to also behave in some way, or reward xp / loot, somehow?

My guess, however, is that this is because of a rounding error. Obviously 102.5% of 111 doesn’t return a nice, round integer, which is likely what messes with the damage calculation: it says that it just deals 113 damage per shot, but it actually calculates it with ~113.775 damage per shot.
Throwing that in the damage calculation would show that as 232 damage per shot. Of course, that would lead to 696 total damage in 3 shots; applying the second attack exaltation point, however, pushes it to 234 damage, which is enough to kill the Target in 3 shots.

Replacing 111 * 1.025 in our calculation with the shown base damage of 113 doesn’t lead to anything of note, except that it confirms that rounding is indeed…somewhat taken into account. A round base damage of 113, and an attack stat of 77, leads to about 230.52 damage per shot. Perhaps this is rounded up, then.
Now to wait for Unibro to show up with some backend insight in how damage is calculated.


Like, what do?

If you don’t shot enemies then you can’t get dc’ed. Easy solution :slight_smile:


It was on an 8/8 summ w/3 dex exalts both times. Nothing crazy.
I’d just like to add I’ve never dc’d like this before… only when a mass group also got dc’d (O3 death/server crash). I’ve stayed away from the stowaway since and not had an issue, but I haven’t done a ton of dungeons since, mostly realm clearing.


Experienced it earlier just now, while breaking tesla coils in lab. 1st time encountering it. Unfortunately it had to be when I was helping my twin out w/ their priest upe.