Banana Cutlass + Cutlass Resprite

Banana Cutlass

Banana%20Cutlass Banana%20Cutlass%20Shot

Not even the gods knows why you stuck a banana on the end of a hilt, but it’s surprisingly effective.

Reskin of Pirate King’s Cutlass

Drops during April Fools
(Don’t ask me why I did this.)

Pirate King’s Cutlass Resprite


Just a resprite of the item, nothing big.

Updated both item sprites. Most definitely, 100%, not done like this because of @pepus.


Big fan of the Cutlass resprite! The contrast makes the blade look so much sharper. As for the banana one, it doesn’t look bad right now, but I think it would look cooler if it had the same curve as the cutlass resprite - not only would it match your sprite better, but I think it would look a little more like a banana.




I just went and made this - I didn’t see that you redid it. Your new version does look pretty good though ngl.


Banana is great, and Banana is Good.


Gotta get your potassium somewhere.


For the projectile I suggest making look more like a peel (little flaps of yellow at the bottom) so that it desn’t look so similar to the weapon itself. Imo the bottom of the current projectile just looks like you cut off the bottom of a banana


When I see this after scrolling for an idea that DECA should implement.



Now a much better source of potassium than before.


why u did this




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