Best thing for a newbie to do?


Bickuribox is a name that keeps coming up. Apparently, he has a good tutorial for surviving the glands. As for the bow, the archer took a long walk off a short pier due to rubberbanding. Im currently playing a new archer, and a trickster.

Edit: Picture of graveyard




What do PPE and NPE mean? Seems like they mean “Pro Player” and I see the term used in sentences like “IM A PPE LEL XD LEL XD LEL XD LEL XD”


“PPE” means “Pet Player Experience”, “NPE” means “New Player Experience” or “No Pet Experience”.
It’s a term used to indicate that someone is playing without trading or switching items from other characters to that character.
For the NPE, it means that they’ve started on a new account from scratch, or are playing without a pet (including preceding rules).


Thanks! :slight_smile: Another question, how does someone get newbie of the month?


What is that? Where did you find that


It is a badge and how you get it is an answer I do not know…


But that isnt newbie of the month, but I guess you get it by having a lot of likes on a post to like ratio


Then please explain newbie of the month.


Idk, ask mrriddl


People often write it as an explainer to why they won’t accept whatever item someone is trying to give them, because they are observing the ‘honour code’ of playing as a PPE they don’t want handouts.


Yeah. I figured that out when I asked a guy in game what it means :slight_smile:


So, I think someone just tried to scam me. I have a geb ring, which is an ST from a priest set. Its pretty good. And this guy tried to give me a t4 ring of health, saying It was, and I quote “Worth 3 Life Potions”. I saw him in another server, and he helped me during oryx, but that’s quite the underpayment for my ring. I also know that a t4 health ring cant possibly be worth 3 L-Pots, despite the fact that I am a newb. Was he trying to scam me? I don’t want to put his username because I don’t want to get flagged.


3L gets close to the value of a Tier 6 so absolutely! (you probably won’t be able to trade 3L for T6, but it affords multiple T5s).

Generally, health rings are strongly valued relative to other stats because of endgame stuff with a high volume of heals (bigger hp pool --> bigger barrier between you and the death screen, assuming you are full health most of the time). But yeah, definitely not 3L, and especially not for a poopy T4


Once you have gained a bit more experience i would recommend joining discords for running harder dungeons later on. Here is the invite for the public shatters discord and here is a link for the public lost halls discord


Never pay more than a def pot for a T4 hp ring. That guy either had no idea what he was talking about or was trying to take advantage of you.

On that note, it’s important to watch out for scams. If you’re trading with someone, make sure they don’t distract you (often by whispering to you) and deselect the item they were going to give you without you noticing. It’s a common scamming technique, and is sadly quite effective.

Another note of caution (even though it sounds like you don’t plan on using discord): beware of dungeons like Lost Halls or the Shatters. Even in coordinated groups, they can be very dangerous, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Focus on mastering the godlands dungeons before attempting either of these.




“Don’t worry MrRiddl, we’ll protect you. All you have to do is push the barrels into the boss! Its easy!”

Lul, I shouldn’t have even done this dungeon in the first place, im too trash


Hi Mr Riddl.

In my opinion there are 2 primary goals that a newbie should accomplish in rotmg.

Mastering Lair of Draconis (LOD) and mastering Ocean Trench (OT).

As a newbie you want to focus on your pet.

Hatch as many eggs as you can. You really want the first 2 abilities to be heal and mheal. The best pet is Heal / MHeal / Electric or MHeal / Heal / Electric.

Getting a perfect pet is fairly hard. However, getting the first 2 abilities to be Mheal or Heal is the most important thing.

Once you get an ideal pet it’s time to beef it up.

Do LODs -> The final boss drops a Rare reptile egg. It will most likely take you hundreds of LODs to get the rare egg, but you will want one or two.

Do OTs -> Get Coral Silk (CSilk). Csilk has 800 feed power. Feed it to your pet.

Once your pet starts beefing up you’ll be able to accomplish more tasks.

Pretty much everything else in the game will just come from experience.


Quit while you’re ahead.

This game will suck away your happiness, your money, and steal your time.

I mean shit, It stole 2,000 hours from me, over 4,000 from my buddy.

Don’t get sucked in.