Best thing for a newbie to do?


ubhp is 8L iirc, decas 10L


Waw those boys jumped in price since primetime kabam duping. Used to bee as low as 3.5! Guess I should’ve looked up their value cuz I don’t trade much

Exaho are still ~1L?


I believe so. At least they were when I bought them instead of Decas :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


I got a Brown Dog with Heal Mheal Electric, because I think brown dog always has heal as its first. Ocean Trench ive heard is great, but drowning is a pain the the bum, so I stay at spawn until its time for the boss, when I tp to the boss, its hard to deal with drowning, and attacking, and avoiding attacks, especially when people don’t bring a healer. Lair of Draconis was very intimidating for me, so I didn’t do it the first time I saw one. As to the pet leveling, getting fame can also be a pain. Before you ask, yes, I know what a train is. I know Pets are EXTREMELY important, so im trying to level it, while also trying to gain fame without murdering a char that would be close to 2/8. The second character slot has proved useful, but still, its hard to look at a character with double digit tier items, and willingly suicide it. Plus, the higher the feed bonus, the more fame it costs, right? So im not sure… Thank you for your helpful feedback, and the time you took to write that long message. I appreciate it! :slight_smile:


For LOD you could just sit back and wait for the other players to kill the boss if you don’t feel comfortable. The bosses drop a Test Chest, which is immobile and harmless. The only damage that counts towards the loot is the damage done to the Test Chest, so it’s ok if you don’t get damage on the boss.
Getting fame shouldn’t be too difficult, and you don’t need to kill any characters. Just play normally, and eventually you’ll die, and get fame. The fame needed to feed your pet is a fixed value, depending on the rarity. Common costs 10 fame, Uncommon is 30, Rare is 100, Legendary is 350, and Divine is 1000. You are very lucky to get a Heal/Mheal/Electric so soon, I suggest feeding anything above 150 feed power to it.
ALWAYS MAX at least the first ability of BOTH pets you are fusing before you fuse them. The pet in the FIRST slot will be the one who’s abilities are kept after fusion.


Not for long ehheghehegeheh


Would anyone like to help me run some dungeons?


MrRiddl did you get a

Heal Mheal Electric pet already?

It took me 2 years to get an mheal heal electric lol.

A perfect pet is incredibly rare.

Whatever you do don’t stunt that pet.

Ask someone before you fuse your pet.

Make sure the fusion is >>Maxed<<.

Also make sure when you fuse that you have the Brown Dog (Heal Mheal Electric) selected first and you THEN click on the fuse button right next to feed.


Yep! From an uncommon egg I got during a fame train! As for the fusion things, I watched bickuris pet video, so I heard that already :slight_smile:


Ok just making sure you knew.

A perfect pet is incredibly rare and people have gone years without seeing one. So I didn’t want you to do anything you’d regret.




Cluck cluck


Can we get an F for another huntress who died to lag


wait how did you join a fame train without discord a run organizer


Someone probably leaked loc to him


It’s amazing that you got the perfect pet so fast! I found doing Manors effective for finding good fp items fast (all of them are at least 500), it’s just about finding these gravestones near godlands and calling people to help, it takes roughly 5 minutes to find one by running around and looking for dark areas.


In addition: do OTs when they’re called! They’re one of the few dungeons that are unanimously leeched, so no one really judges you.
The SB threshold is not extremely high, and all of the UTs have good feed power - the ring has a moderate 650, the trap 700, the armor a nice 800, and the bow a grand 1200!

Though to be fair, you’ll probably want to use the armor instead of feeding it.
I personally think the bow is too nicheless to be useful, but it’s decent still.


I reckon the bow is better than covert but honestly they’re interchange imo


Damn, nice!
Usually takes a lot longer, took me ~3 years to get my perfect pet.
Make sure you check up on some fusion guides before fusing, although judging from the rest of this thread you probably already have the correct information on it.


Yep! Ive almost finished bickuriboxes whole collection of vids. From “How to play the bow classes” to “Grinding whitebags”