Black Market Items


First I’d like to say that most of these are completely made for giggles. I also was not sure which category I should use; fan-art or items, but I’ve decided to go with items, hopefully the moderators won’t be too bothered if my decision was incorrect. (and hopefully, in that case, the post could be re-located to fan-art and not deleted)

Fun Items

These were posted in another topic by some other user but they did put my name there so it’s fine, still, I’ll put it here as well just so they can be found in one place.

Had a dream where my inventory glitched, and I somehow acquired this item. I only really remember the sprite so most of the stats are made up. I faintly remember the number 3 in terms of how much Max HP the ability gives but I wasn’t sure so I just went with the formula that Tiered Seals use.

More serious items:

Warrior of the Sky ST (Juggernaut ST)

This set was deemed extremely underpowered according to many users, so in the future I’ll likely make a re-balanced version. It seems I was too careful when making it.

Living Hell ST (pD Armor ST)

Shot sprite: Claws%20of%20the%20Damned%20Shot

Currently I believe this set is okay, however I have no recieved any criticism yet so I’m sure there are many problems that could still arise. One that I would suspect is that the extremely high HP and VIT could be OP in end-game dungeons where defense doesn’t matter at all.
It’s DPS could also be dangerous when the full set is worn as it grants the player Armor Piercing, however if my calculations were correct, the T14 sword outdamages this weapon if the enemy is Armor Broken. It is quite hard to hit all 5 shots of this weapon so that might balance that out.
The permanent Speedy buff may also be overpowered: However I think warrior can already achieve permanent speedy with a fair pet so it may not be as bad as it seems. Like I said in the “EXTRA INFO” page, I believe the player could get used to the high speed with time and practice and could possibly allow them to dodge at a new level.

The Ultimate Armor: "Sealed Wyvern Armor"

My idea for this armor was to create something that has an INCREDIBLY high skill ceiling, and is very difficult to use. According to most people, this armor is “pretty cool” but the RED and RED RED modes are overpowered. I have not made a new and improved version of this item yet despite it being a month or two old at this point.

(COMIC) The Ultimate Armor: "Sealed Wyvern Armor"

(COMIC) Warrior of the Sky ST (Juggernaut ST)


Uhm… it seems I’ve uploaded too many images and the post got corrupt or such, some images and such are missing… I’ll try to fix it somehow
Edit: Well… I guess it’ll stay that way, in the editing menu it looks like everything is there.


Usually, images don’t load if the file size is too big. I have had images become fully corrupted when trying to upload them onto the forums before, but if all it is is artwork, you could try taking a screenshot of your work, then upload the copy. It’s worked for me in those instances before! Just for in case you run into trouble in the future.

(Also, The Forgotten Twilight Bracers of the Royal Gemstone Guardian appears twice, fyi)


Hmm well they should be an ok size, but I’ll try downscaling the ones that don’t load, thx

(also ye it appears twice but only to show off an alternative sprite, it is a bit old so in the future I’ll have alternative sprites in the same image (hopefully, or I won’t be so indecisive xd))


Oh, my apologies. My phone sometimes doesn’t load the images entirely, so I couldn’t see that lol


Ay NP, also I was able to fix the corruption thing by uploading them onto imgur in a Hidden post! :smiley:


“The Forgotten King’s Twilight Archmage Bracers of the Royal Gemstone Guardians of the Shatters in the Mad Gods Realm” another idea for a really long item name. :rofl: Jokes aside, I love the creativity.


Nice. Definitely could see forging the three tomb rings. With more balanced stats, of course.


After seeing the restored Shatters crown, I got an idea for Realm. So recently Runescape added Archeology that allows you to dig up ancient artifacts and restore them- so what if there was a long process through the tinkerer or the Forge to restore The Forgotten Crown? It would require you to delve through the shatters multiple times and to get knowledge in other dungeons, and then you could restore the crown into a slightly more powerful version with the restored sprite. Maybe it could be an item sink and a forgefire sink, so it would have to be your main priority for like a week before it is finally forged.

Sorry for kinda hijacking the thread but all these items are really unique and got me coming up with some ideas too


Why black market items?


Cause most of them don’t make sense to actually be in-game (Ring of Egypt is super busted for example)
And the name “Black Market” just kinda came to be naturally, since the first time I posted one I called them “Illegal Items”


If there was a more balanced version, I would guess it would be similar to Omni but just slightly more focused (no wis and no vit)


Oh… I get it now, its like admin stuff.


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