Boomers thread ~Relive old memories~


I know this was like months ago, but I assume windows 7


I’m pretty sure that’s older than windows 7.


Yep, looks like it’s Windows XP. Got some old screenshots of my own with that Start icon. :slight_smile:

From Wikipedia:
“Extended support for Windows XP ended on April 8, 2014”
So yeah a good few players might have spent some of the early Rotmg years (launched 2010) on XP.
Edit: actually, Windows 7 launched in Oct 2009, Windows Vista was Jan 2007, so maybe only the late upgraders and luddites like me were still on XP during Rotmg, oops!

Here’s one for the old folks, RealmRoller, a site that gave you rolling info when that was a more significant part of the game (before Life/Mana pots rolling was your only way to get good HP/MP stats, and even after they were added, the time/expense saved with a good roll could be a great thing). You input your HP/MP at any level and got info about the roll:

Via Wayback Machine:


Everything you said brought back extreme nostalgia


Back in my day:
1.) You would drag on people to loot their grave.
2.) We would trade it’s
3.) T4’s were worth a spd and t10’s were worth 1 spd-def.
3.) There was no stat tab nor was there a way to store additional HP or mp potions.
4.) Ring of minor defense was a UT.
5.) There was only 6/6 stats to max.
6.) Pets were consumables that you kept In a slot in your vault.
7.) Cheat engine worked.
8.) You could teleport in the nexus.
9.) You could log in twice and see yourself in Nexus.
10.) Mithril sword existed.
11.) You could UT trade using the bag from beach bum.
12.) You could obtain, unobtainable items using the hp/mp slots with a glitch.


I’m sorta confused over number 11…


the only one i know existed was with the beach bum davy key
basically a soulbound item was dropped in a public bag, so people could put their soulbound items for other people to see


I remember myths like using an Inc on a sheep in the Nexus would cause the Secret Sheep Level to appear, also using 8 Incs on Oryx’s Statue in the Vault then saying “ARISE CHICKEN!” or something like that would spawn Oryx 3.

I remember scamming someone using T2 Tome because they thought it was Puri.

I remember UTs like Doom Bow would cost an absurb amounts of defense potions (this was before Tomb was even a thing).

I remember having a full WC Tops set + Exa HP/Def would make you feel like a god in the community.

I remember saying TY Brutus when someone opened a Wine Cellar.

I remember having White Star was the biggest flex.

I remember Cube God and Skull Shrine being actually hard and Rogue was the most powerful class in a way because they could solo them.

I remember Vitality being worth more than Defense because of the sheer difficulty of Abyss, also when every class had 75 maximum Vitality.

I remember when Son of Arachna’s single ball shot used to do 750 damage and Dr. Terrible’s gas turrets used to inflict Confusion.

I wish i played on the old RotMG, when Oryx spawned on the beach.


add : remember every INC popper always screaming " This WC hosted by [insert guild/name], ACCEPTING DONATION"


I feel like I’ve returned home after a long, long time away.



I remember back when duping of ammies was rampant, someone dropped a cdirk and oreo that I managed to pick up. I then proceeded to get myself scammed out of the dirk and died with the oreo on an unpotted wizard. I also lost my first amulet around the same time fighting an ent ancient and remember witnessing several mass character genocides because people didn’t like Kabam. Also that fun time when only djinn would spawn in the godlands.


All Time Fame Leaderboards from ~8 years ago

how times have changed, the coral set used to be so much more valuable
you also had people with 5 digits of fame on all time leaderboards


So many bow classes…
(also it’s weird to think that there isn’t a single sword class up there because they weren’t meta before pets)


Public Oryx Drops

also the weird time when only Sprite Gods dropped Incs


because there were no lost halls back then and you have to do god lands for fame. Archers and wizards were the best at killing gods back then


So many old names… Why are there so many more sphinxes than pyras on the bow classes


Fame was also pretty much worthless back then.
There wasn’t much incentive to “farm fame” (nobody went for the Thirsty / Mundane achievements unless they were specifically going for a leaderboards spot). As such, most of the classes shown were the ranged ones.


This can occasionally happen still but it’s rare and not easily replicated.
I remember a lot of these and, while I miss grave-looting, it’s definitely good that it was removed.



Found this screenshot of an old support reply (back in the day). :dizzy_face: