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Haven Harpoon

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A harpoon crafted to kill the great creatures of the ocean with no risk to the user.


  • Tier: UT
  • Damage: 200 - 250
  • Range: 12.5
  • Rate of Fire: 50%
  • Projectile Speed: 15
  • Fame Bonus: 7%
  • Feed Power: 900

Drops From:

  • Ocean Trench

More info

I kind of just want a very long range weapon, but obviously it can’t do a great deal of damage then.


Ocean trench already has a huntress set


Honestly just put Ocean Trench because everything is full on UTs.


Leaf bow and berginia bow both drop from wlab. I don’t think that in itself is enough to change the drop location/rule it out as an item. And they would perform pretty differently… However, there is another water-themed dungeon and two (well 3, but we don’t count pcave) pirate-themed dungeons it could drop from as well.

As for the item itself… It doesn’t pierce? Where do you think you would use this? I see most players having no interest in this unfortunately.


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