Campfires Art Thread!


I drew a phoenix boi for someone on discord!




come back for exalt .w .


Squirrel Girl!
I am especially proud of that amazingly big bushy tail c:




Something a bit different since I’m always drawing just characters. I’ve made me a space based desktop background! :rocket:


Was that done with a vector program? I’m curious on what you use to make your art.


I use an app called Procreate on my Ipad! I use my apple pen to draw
Costs I think 10 dollars


It is Inktober! If you don’t know what Inktober is, everyday I’ll use the word of the day below and make a drawing based on that word.

Today, the 1st, the word is Fish, and I decided to draw what I thought a Necrofish would look like!


inktober has always sounded like a cool idea to me, but when I try to imagine myself making drawings start to finish all in one day for 31 days in a row I die inside and never attempt. so I will be watching your progress to see if you actually manage to pull it off


As a slow drawer myself, I didn’t see me being able to actually do inktober either, but this only took me maybe an hour or two to do. I must have gotten faster, or just overestimated the amount of work I’d be doing. Either way It’s not so bad, I’m drawing every day anyways. My only fear is that since I usually draw super late at night, I might do some prompts late.


Stone statue skin of your choice


Day 2 of Inktober: Wisp! (Right on time, too!)

Redcoat Assassin 2HMzOTP reading the paper while his Phantom Tea Set Pet esKmWOZ pours up some tea. Wisps of steam rise from the hot tea.


Day 3 of Inktober: Bulky

I think a lot of players have a hoarding problem… you guys need to leave some stuff in your vault! This poor knight’s bulky backpack is weighing him down :c

(edit: forgot his nice shiny belt)


Read it as “bully,” and thought some monster in the desert pushed the poor little guy over.


The poor guy doesn’t need anymore issues today


I though it was some kind of parasitic insect for a second there


Day 4 of Inktober: Radio

Very on time Inktober drawing of a bikini girl listening to the radio! While I was drawing I thought that since I was drawing a bikini girl it might as well be @Seelpit, so here’s a free gift drawing on me! :heart:




Oh my god I love the little flag on the radio! It’s like…an arodio? >w<
and a nice touch on not giving her the drink she’s addicted to (I mean that sincerely!) - variety is important!