Campfires Art Thread!


What is the drink she’s addicted to?


slurp slurp


Ohhh, I didn’t notice that lol


Day 5 of Inktober: Blade

@Elbowpunch requested a Stone statue skin of my choice, so I chose my favorite, the Stone samurai, brandishing his Enforcer katana blade! Also, he has a cute little foxy pet!
Also, I fixed the Seel eyes slightly bc they were bothering me too much


Please slurp



Day 6 of Inktober: Rodent

Of course I had to draw the very best paladin skin in the game. Here’s the mousey rodent paladin using her oreo to tank some beholder shots!



He’s a mouse-lova!


Day 7 of Inktober: Fancy

Drew up a fancy Gentleman wizard lad!


Jolly good!


it’s epic you are very talented no cap


Thank you very much!!!


Day 8 of Inktober: Teeth

This time I drew up Melody from :candy:Candied Realms :candy:. She has a dark side to her… she is quite protective of her sister


:0 ghost dirk


Day 9 of Inktober: Throw

Crystal Kunoichi is easily my favorite ST. And so, I drew up a crystal kunoichi throwing some kunai!


Respect, brother. DECA should throw in more multi-knife throws IMO.


Day 10 of Inktober: Hope

This wizard has placed all of his hope into that powerful knight! May the knight prevail!


but what if
looks like the Shatters, one of the few dungeons that still isn’t bullet-pierced spammed, but its time will come


Unfortunately, BulletCreate (the most reliable way of making such multi-shot weapons, specifically for the spaghetti that is stars) is…kind of iffy sometimes. Y’know how the Embellished Quiver kinda has that slight delay before it actually shoots its shotgun? That’s cause it uses a BulletCreate, which lags just a little bit.
I think it’s because it’s server-sided, rather than client-sided like Shoot (which is what stuff like normal Quivers use!)


Day 11 of Inktober: Disgusting

The other day, another player thought my choice of ring on warrior was disgusting, but it’s a fun set. The mp means more draconic helmet usage, and it gives you temp hp on each use, so I think it works.


Day 12 of Inktober: Slippery

I drew that slurp @Demonseye wanted, leaving a slippery slime trail wherever he goes! (sorry if the quality is lower today, I had an annoying day today)