Campfires Art Thread!


I’d totally date Craig in the RotMG dating sim


I’d Date the Void Entity and Oryx because… Bad guys need love too.

But yes, Craig needs a break and deserves to go on a date.


Mama Megamoth has entered the chat


Don’t touch the bug


i wonder what the stone guardians are doing back there


They’re having themselves a very nice date together


Wind Flower Dating Simulator

You, uh.
You do know they’re both Oryx’s brothers, right?


I don’t see anything on the wiki page about that

According to the wiki, they are the souls of his greatest lieutenants


Clearly, you’re not quite as versed in your Realm of the Mad God Lore™ as I am!


I never interpreted that as actual brothers that are family. Since it makes no mention of brothers through the eyeball, I’m going to assume that they aren’t literal brothers


Oryx’s brothers with benefits, you mean


Pretty sure that means Brothers in Arms.


HEY, test chests are basically 1 big hole
-Ggaod, probably


That reminds me of RG1 and RG2 from Undertale.


That’s what I thought of too!


Side quest: Be Stone Guardian 1’s wing man for Stone Guardian 2
Reward: Use your imagination. Also you get to see them eat ice cream together.


almost missed this handsome boy


So I went and did a redraw of an old drawing I did, up there

Robot in space, gazing at the stars!

As you can see, quite a bit has changed with my skill and my style. Quite interesting!


I wanted to try a lot of new things, and so I drew a colorful donkey wandering the land of candy! :candy:


Leaked footage of next candied realms page