Changes for Tiered Rings


There was a post on here by ItsGrandma about the exact same thing as this topic, which inspired my post. I thought he had an interesting (and well needed) change and I felt I wanted to expand on it. The first two pages are the changes, the other 4 pages are me explaining myself (you don’t have to read unless you’re wondering on why I would make such a change).


I like the idea of buffing the vit and wis, but I feel like the att and dex don’t really need it, they can still find use. That said to be usable the vit especially needs to be a lot more, like a max divine pet is the equivalent of about 400 vit.


UB Wis +16 wis? And you like it xD? Tiered ring better than robe from hardest dungeon in game? Even tho imagine sorc with devastation scepter , 16 wis ub , 15 wis ritual robe , conduction 4 wis , devastation 2 wis . It equals 37 wis , which gives 97 maxium wis on sorcerer which is 6 more than aleardy , not much yea? But this ruins any use of geb ring for priest and sorcerer if they want to have largest possible amount of wis . Thing is , this still puts ub wis in usseles situation because why would i like to sacrifice 25 mp , hp and 5 vit for 6 wis which dont really give me many? I would sacrifice survivality for like 30-40 more damage if i don’t want max possible wis? This have some + and - . But if i wanted to have large amount of wis , i still would use geb’s ring instead of wis ring . By the way , why would i ever use ub vit on any other character than knight (if i dont had any other ring , even sphinx or snake ring (lol)) to regen my hp ultra fast . Because i really don’t know what is point of these buffs if they don’t really change anything .


You bring up a good point by saying the WIS ring was a bit overboard. So, I toned it down to 15. And before you make the claim “but it’s still better than a Geb Ring”, then in some ways, that’s true. First of all, the ring is tiered and only gives one stat, therefore it should be extremely efficient at said stat (Decades has the most HP, UB MP has the most MP, etc). Secondly, Geb’s ring is an ST Item. Sure, there are exceptions like Ancient Spell: Pierce and Pixie Sword, but ST Items should reach their max usefulness, with the rest of the set (that was kind of the whole point of ST sets). Also I don’t get your standpoint on the UB WIS, because you’re saying it gives too much and then you’re saying it’s still useless. The whole point of it is for pure damage on someone like a Sorcerer; of course Geb’s ring has more survivability.

And about the VIT changes, no you wouldn’t even use it on a Knight. 20 VIT only gives you an additional 2.4 HP/second. The only way I could make UB VIT viable is if I gave it over 150 VIT. The VIT stat itself needs an overhaul and (shameless self plug) I made a post about VIT/WIS changes along with changes to pets.

Thanks for reading though, appreciate it.


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