Changes to the Lich and the Clairvoyant Chakram


I’ve always found the evaluation bosses (Liches, Ents, and Ghost Kings) to be tedious, unrewarding, and outright annoying to do. I started working on a concept with small quality of life changes and a new star for a class that appears to be the most neglected in new abilities for it. I’ve come up with some small changes to the Lich and a reason to fully buff him. This will be introducing a new white bag for the Lich known as the Clairvoyant Chakram


Changes to the Lich
Now Immune to Stasis
Can no longer be killed/insta’d in the evaluation phase
(after evaluation phase)

HP: 1,100 → 1,100 (20% [220 HP] per player in the surrounding area)
Now Immune to Stasis

  • Tier 7 Weapons
  • Tier 8 Weapons
  • Tier 7 Armor
  • Tier 3 Abilities
  • Tier 4 Abilities
  • Tier 2 Rings
  • Tier 3 Rings

(When buffed)

  • image Potion of Vitality
  • image Potion of Speed


  • ChakramRendered Clairvoyant Chakram (The droprate of this star will increase depending on how buffed the lich is)

Changes to the Phylactery Bearer
HP: 6,000 → 5,000 (10% [500 HP] per player in the surrounding area)
Now Immune to Stasis
No changes to the drops here

Changes to the Orange Drake Egg
All enemies gain stasis immunity for 3 second after going out of stasis.

Clairvoyant Chakram: A mysterious chakram from lands unknown. It holds premonitions of the world to come.

Tier: Untiered

While Key Held:

  • MP Cost: 10 MP/sec
  • Effect: Speedy on self
  • Alternate Effect: 20+ DEX, Curse on self (This version of the on held effect is currently impossible to implement)

When Key Released:

  • Effect: Inflicts stunned on enemies for 2.5 seconds
  • Cooldown: 3 seconds
  • MP Cost: 110
  • Damage: 350-450 (Average: 400)
  • Range: 3.5

Stat Bonus: 40+ HP
Fame Bonus: 6%
Feed Power: 800

Shots hit multiple targets
Shots pass through obstacles

The star fires a slow moving, low range projectile that moves in a wavy pattern.
A small visual of the “wavy pattern” mentioned


This legit would be pretty cool to see implemented, alongside similar changes to ent ancients and ghost kings!


I’m actually working on an idea for a new seal planned as a drop from the ghost king and an ST set partially from the ents.


Shuriken seems really interesting, but i would change While Key Held effect, Because I’m sure every star gives speedy. While It’s unique star i would recommend making other buff+debuff while held (eg. Damaging + Armor Broken). Also changing that +5 Def to +5 Dex/Att would work too.
However! You did really good job! :slight_smile:


I wanted to try a dex increase of 20 and a curse when I was making the thread, but that is currently impossible with how stars are currently coded in the game. I’ve added it to the thread as an alternate behavior though in case Deca does get rid of the hard-coding that causes this problem.


Very interesting, nice to see a creative ninja star. Spritework is pretty impeccable too.


I’m going to begin work on the ghost king seal now, here is the sprite for it.
I’ll merge all 3 of the ideas post regarding this evaluation boss rework into one post in the ideas section when they’re complete.


I’ve considered making it so the fully buffed lich (and other evaluation bosses in the future) turn into a mini-boss that would function as a way of introducing new players to bullet hell without making it incredibly dangerous. Any thoughts on this idea before I proceed?


Owo nice


After some thought, I’ve nerfed the range from 7 to 3.5 (The range the scutum has) due to some opinions on a ranged stun being overpowered, BUT the projectile will now pierce enemies and obstacles. I originally had the 5+ def on the chakram’s def so that it would make up for being a more close ranged ability compared to other stars.


Love the idea, actually makes this more worthwhile and prevents instaburst. Amazing changes, but one thing about the star… thats a lot of fuckin feed power


Thanks for the feedback, I’ve downed it to 800 like the quiver of thunder


While I’m not against the enemy pierce of the star, you either need to exponentially buff the Kageboshi, or exponentially debuff this things attack damage. And I also think you should change the stat bonus to something else, or change Kage’s +2 defense. If nothing is changed to either of these items, then this star will make Kage almost completely useless. Also, while I can understand giving Ghost Kings a white when they’re buffed, as buffing him does almost nothing unless you want tincs and eggs, buffing liches and ents already has a purpose which is increasing the amount of phylactery/sprite for a better chance at getting qot/mystic set.


I’ll nerf the damage to something more reasonable, maybe 350-450. I’ll change the +5 def to health (probably +40) considering no other star gives HP. The reason why I chose to give a white to the Lich was to add more consistency across my idea for the ghost king. Ghost king drops parts of the necromancer set and my idea also mentioned adding a seal and I wanted to have this across all the evaluation bosses with each one getting a white and parts of an ST (or a whole one regarding the Lich)


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