Community’s ( THE PLAYER NOT THE PEOPLE ) PPE Scuffed Moments Thread


Shatts done// 1 gemstone + Crown in 75 shatts


wow, ur actually pretty close to nests and cults.

just fungals and voids.


Cult skull best skull behind Dps in no mystic //////


Completed 2/4 of cult set ( Skull + Robe ) just realized the robe drop isn’t on here :confused: I can’t find it



I’m done with this game- not gonna do a ppe in a while thanks for sticking around/


I’m sad.

Seriously, this was the best ppe i’ve ever seen!

Farewell :pray:


Amazing PPE. Sad to see it go by lag. It was fun scrolling through this thread.


Ouch. I’m sorry, I really am; that ppe was truly on the next level, and that is the worst way to lose it.

Nothing can bring back the character, but I will remind people that tools like this can help prevent future situations like this from happening.


F man, so close to exalted too, now you have joined rybros mystic as a really high fame char dying in nest :frowning:


i think ill do another ppe after I max exalt Paladin Warrior and Necromancer//// though league of legends has been clenching my glutes right after that necro ppe died/// thanks for the link to the force exalt shutdown im sure itll come in handy for me ///


Update- I get the t7 skull after 120+ o3s :///////// paine

And a handful+ more Leuc whites that aren’t vestures


leuc whites ain’t bad


It’s not the items being bad/ it’s the items I keep getting that prevent me from getting the unobtainable holy grail ;-;-;-; vesture