Corrupted Angel paladin/warrior skin











Note: That’s my first skin sprite w/animations, hope you enjoy. Also trying to fix the 10x8 '‘issue’'accepting examples


The skin is not within the 8x8 size. So maybe try to make it a little smaller.


It’s a little too wide unfortunately


like the others said, your skin is 10x8, you need to make it 8x8 if it were to fit into the game.

Also, the front side is very bland, there is mainly the same grey colour with some slight change to the darkness, it doesn’t look that amazing in my opinion. the skin is alright, but the colors need a bit of work, as it just looks boring.

you should also add the left-looking and right-looking skin views.


The thing that most annoys me most is the sudden change between the bright turquoise and the red “blood” theme.

As for the name, it could be something like “Demon Slayer”.


Waiting for a remove as in close/delete thread?


I see that you are a man/woman of culture


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nah it is not supposed to be in wip rn cuz its completed


I think he was slightly confused with what “Waiting For Remove” meant. Nothing to do with WIP.


yeah im working on it


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