Cupid's Reins still has the stat bonus


Since we’re already waiting for a split, this might be but I don’t think it’s a big deal so


they forgot something again what a surprise

Trivial Issues Thread

Split off the Trivial topic as it’s to do with item functionality.

Nice for me, as that’s the one I carry around on assassin.


No wonder they forgot it. It’s the least useful one for most players!


cough cough donner cough cough




Wait what… isn’t extra mana really nice on Wizard, Sorc, Assassin, and tbh Knight too?

Now vit… that one’s useless!


Ahem NPE ahem


“Anyone fancy duo Encore?” I might grab Vit Reins for that to lessen the petstasis effect if my dodging goes kaka. But the 900sec Vit thing is probably better. Like I have the vault space to save consumables….

Usually WIS > MP on sorcerer (for wismod means you usually get total more punch out of fewer, higher dmg, blasts) though some setups MP is useful if it lets you spam off another blast right away rather than waiting for recharge.


Idk why I don’t think the vit would be that useful. I don’t even think the vit on the fungal thing is significant, but maybe that’s just me…


Yeah that’s 72 HP you might as well use the HP boosting one imo, or maybe just use a health potion


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