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I like how everyone is pointing out grammar mistakes when most of DECA probably has English as a second or third language
spot the grammatical error :wink:


Ur name


No punctuation?




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For these (possession when singular noun ends in s) I was taught the difference depends on how you might say it aloud (which can vary by speaker/dialect/region).
So Janus’s indicates you wish to say it as “[Januses] long range shots…” (I say it as this one)
and Janus’ indicates you wish it spoken as “[Janus] long range shots…”

If you’re treating Deca as a collective singular then you’d want ‘have’ not ‘has’?
Did I win? :trophy:


No one could figure it out… it was so simple…


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Names displayed are differents


Thankfully, the plain “id” (as opposed to “DisplayID”) only shows up visibly I think in the ‘Killed By…’ data on our character, and pets won’t ever show up there…unless you are feeding them indigestible items again…

As long as the DisplayID matches the Description, we’re good.



probably really old repost


missing comma or punctuation or something


The first one is missing a period as well.


Sea Slurp pet skin from orange bag.


Yeah, they weren’t correct when they said this in the patch notes (X.32.2.0, November 2019):

Loot increase items still drop in Orange too (Loot Boost, Loot Increase, Clover, haven’t looted a Gold Clover but presume that too).


what’s up with this


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(is a bug in its own right)


In a relatively recent update, skins and pet skins were changed so that they now drop in yellow bags rather than orange bags.
However, there are a few that were overlooked, in what is a fairly understandable oversight:

(copy-paste from comment I wrote on reddit regarding the Sea Slurp pet skin)

Almost all of the pet skin unlocker items in the game have their data stored within the Pets.xml file. It appears the older skins, which I assume date back to when Kabam originally added pets (so yes we can blame Kabam for this if we want) actually have their corresponding unlocker item stored in Equip.xml instead. So these would have been missed whenever Deca went through and changed the bag type of every single pet skin unlocker in Pets.xml, because the assumption would be that this file would contain every single pet skin unlocker and there wouldn’t be any others left to worry about. Except there were!
This issue also affects the Tomb Snake skin and any other very old skins that Deca might add as a drop in events, other than the Spirit skin as unless Deca messes up they can use a version of the item in Pets.xml rather than the older unlocker item.

This issue is noticeable on the Sea Slurp and Tomb Snake pet skin unlockers as there does not appear to be a corresponding newer unlocker item for either one, so when they drop in-game they will be in orange bags. This will also affect any of the other skin unlockers around that age if Deca decides to put those into an event or something, but that’s unlikely as they appear to be all just regular common pet skins.

This issue can be easily fixed by just going and changing those older unlocker items in Equip.xml to drop in yellow bags rather than orange bags. Alternatively, new unlocker items could be created, delete the old ones and just have those be replaced by the new unlocker items if possible in case anyone has them in their vault or inventory (this is probably the better solution because, for example, if in a Davy’s event Deca accidentally puts the older version of the Spirit pet skin unlocker into the event chest rather than the newer version many tears will be shed. Plus there are the issues below to fix as well if you read on)

There’s also some more things that can be fixed for these older unlocker items for consistency (this is the trivial issues thread after all):

Example older item:

Example newer item:


  • name of the item in-game will be “[name] Skin Unlocker” for older items and “[name] Pet Skin” for newer items
  • description of the item in-game will be “Customize your pet with the [name] Skin.” for older items and “Unlocks [name] Skin of the [family] family. The skin will be added to your Pet Wardrobe in the Pet Yard and can be used to change the appearance of your pet!” for newer items
  • feed power is 200 for the older items, while the Spirit pet skin received a boost in feed power to 500 when the newer item was created
  • the aforementioned bag issue

[Spoilers] More April Fool's stuff and more

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