Cursed Library Final Easter Eggs Contest


That’s the daze nova shot for AoO scepter


hmm lib event on


No body found any yet?


how do i find xml files


hmm why is that there


the boss looking thing was a placeholder for the cursed library boss very early in development, iirc




Ima crack down on this tmrw




Surely you’re not referencing me? I posted that kind of pic sometime ago in the interesting map features thread.


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Never give up.


I think at this point the only reasonable option to find out is to constantly annoy toastrz with it for a few weeks


@Toastrz @Toastrz @Toastrz @Toastrz @Toastrz @Toastrz @Toastrz @Toastrz @Toastrz @Toastrz @Toastrz @Toastrz @Toastrz @Toastrz @Toastrz @Toastrz @Toastrz @Toastrz @Toastrz @Toastrz @Toastrz @Toastrz


@Toastrz FEEL THE BURN (of the toaster)


@Toastrz tell us your secrets




Wouldn’t it defeat the point though?


It has been found several times already, so probably not referring to you in particular.


Glad I’m not the only one who’s stumbled on this one.