DeeBomb's PPE Thread


Dance, Sun, and Chase. In that order. Being in a tiny group made a world of difference with the Sun phase, and I’m a regular “dancer,” so that wasn’t a worry either.


Can you guys think of any cool names for this npe rogue?


I’ve seldom named my characters until I’ve accomplished some major feats with them, so I’m not exactly sure, with your character being so new. Plus, if you kill him early, there goes a good name! :sweat_smile:


Yes, but if I’m gonna use JimdaFish’s narration style our hero needs a name😉
well I guess I could just say our hero a bunch, who knows


Shadow Boi


Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen. He was number 1.


Ima name him shadow boi, because I probably won’t be able to spell the other one😂


As Shadow Boi continued to max, he decided that he should try and put down some demons, as they are very feisty little creatures.

He was rewarded with a hot stone. He tried to throw it at some enemies but whenever he touched it his hands got hot, so he decided to dump it into a chest.

Next he decided that he would try and sneak some speed potions from a snake lady, and got an armor that was resistant to acid.

Shadow Boi was slightly surprised that he got this one less than a minute after he got a hot rock, but he wore it nonetheless.

Tomorrow Shadow Boi is going to focus on maxing and hopefully get at least 1/8 by the end of that day. He currently has about 1k base fame and 3k death fame.


That sounds like something a rogue would do, to be honest :smile:


Shadow Boi decided that he wanted to go through some doors, but there was some guy named Janus guarding it. Throughout the fight he was getting tired of Janus going invincible, so he decided to take his shield.

Then he decided to go and visit the cemetery of his fallen brothers, but they weren’t too excited to see him.

He finally maxed his speed and was rewarded with a horrific ring. He was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t the dagger or cloak, but oh well.

Just been really busy with homework so I haven’t gotten too play much on him lately- the reason why he still is only 1/8.


Hand it over. 🤌

I have daggers, cloaks, and armors to spare.


I didn’t mean it sucks I just meant it was the spectral ring of horrors. Though it does kinda suck. Would gladly trade for etherite


I know that’s what it meant lol; I still want it. Take my Etherite.


You have inspired me to make a rogue ppe! I don’t have enough character slots tho… I have no empty ones, and I feel the urge to make a knight ppe, a rogue ppe, and a trickster to try o3 on


Ay gl!


Shadow Boi heard that some parasites and Egyptian gods were feeling especially generous, and that you could become famous for killing them, so he decided that he would go after them.

He would have preferred the spell, but he was surprised that he got both of those within five parasite chambers.

Next, as he ventured into a tomb, he got a cool ring.

Then as he ventured into the world of sprites, he got an interesting staff.

He saw there was a cube god spawned, and hoped to snag himself a Dirk of Cronus, but unfortunately didn’t get it. But, he still was rewarded with a cloak upgrade that he was quite pleased with.

Five towers suddenly appeared in the realm, so he helped kill them, as he heard that if you didn’t kill them all fast enough they would come back to life. He saw a cyan bag and was a bit puzzled, thinking to himself “What could be in here?” Shadow Boi was delighted to find a pinkish ring.

Then, he soloed an abyss of demons, (which took some time) and finally reached two stats maxed out of eight.

It is very frustrating to clear out a full manor by yourself and not get a single troom or st, which has now happened twice. I’m probably going to post here every time I max a stat, unless I’m very close to maxing one in which I’ll wait until I’ve maxed one or two.


So once I get 6/8 I’m probably going to turn from npe to ppe to try and get some endgame whites for the ppe. Probably won’t happen but it’s fun to hope, right?


Sure, give it a shot.


Shadow Boi can finally stop murdering innocent sodas now.

Shadow Boi wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to max his defense before his NPE contest ended, and he wouldn’t have but luckily he had a scout the sewers quest, so now he is 4/8.


Didn’t know that you were in Sprite…