Diamondest's overly lame ppe


how dare u disrespect my pfp


History does not repeat itself, it rhymes itself.

And i got a ST spell and 2 of its reskins… kinda coollooking but just gimme traditional whites pls


@moderators is it possible to close this for a specific amount of time?


No but u can just let me know when you want it opened again. Do you want it closed right now?






This still exists? Oh.


apparently it does now


yall laughing now but this about to be the most active thread on realmeye ngl (Cause i have no life)


I’ll just spam posts up until my knights current status
ill trust yall to believe i didnt cheat in tiered gear


I’m only posting the decent loot, none of the trash skins or bad STs like the soul of the bearer ew

(10k base pic above)


yeah this game loves throwing this MT armor at me, took me a long time to get the first one too >.<

The pic above, its a crown pic. I am a pathetic idiot so I did not put the crown back in the bag for the screenshot. however, you can see the white bag and the ring i am wearing is crown, among with my chat spam.

a very poggers sword, idk why but I really really wanted it. I’m still going for that dblade tho :frowning_face:

and the shatter white collection is finished for my lady knight person thing!

and what am i doing now? sitting on the beach leeching events grinding for qot and ogmur which will never happen… but one can hope…




alright mans…


thank you for the second conflict, it is the best orb in the game so I have no complaints




Just trust me that this huntress is a ppe. I am so excited she got the trap! If i got the shield, i woulda been raging
I will have a ppe vid for both of these ppes so you know its legit.


what a nice gift to make up for lack of loot for like 30 halls now…




no no no no no no no