Diamondest's overly lame ppe


Wtf bro you didn’t ss sword :confused:

also you not getting items for your knight?


Stop I say stop it


Basically maxed Speed, Att and Dex?

Oh yeah, Defence is kinda useless on O3 b/c of armies of armor-piercing shots.


Welp diamond you got me convinced. Ima make a trickster for o3 during the rune event. Any tips tho or things I should know?


if you dont trust me, i record everything, i only post the important screenshots though
also no, this paladin is part of a guild-wide PPE contest that i NEED to win. My duo is Visconti. Thus, I am not playing on my knight until this ppe becomes real good.


huh, thought I would find you posting your ppe loot here


I did… the notable ones


Yes, let me just give you a quick rundown (Im going to assume public, osanc runs:)

Leechers guide to Sanctuary (Obtain mastery by observation and experience, not reading words!)
Green colored shots= Sicken = Bad

Gemsbok: Stay in group. Thats it. There is no more to it. During the final phase, move from bottom left to top left, and then dodge the bombs and coins. You should be safe from the shotguns themselves.

Beisa: Beisa operates under the premise of rotate phase, chase phase and stagger phase. During rotate phases, follow him if the group is doing that. During chase phase, put as much space between you and him as humanly possible (but still try to stay near / in group.) During stagger phase, shoot him! 75+% of public groups is able to stagger him most of the time in stagger phases. DODGE THE BIRDS, do NOT get sat on, and if you get cornered, NEXUS! It is sometimes truly impossible.

1st phase: shoot at him. Dodge sickens and with an even remotely functional group you will be fine. I’ll explain counter treatment at 3rd phase.

2nd phase: Inner rotates, do not get sat on by the chandeliers and just follow the path of the circles he spits out. Every time lightning strikes I think he switches direction, but you can usually just observe the switch. most of the group will be inner rotating at 2nd phase.

3rd phase: Literally first phase, but harder. Oh no! Did a large orb reach him? Will the group suddenly go from a scuffed pub run to a private run level group? Yes! And if you can survive third counter, then you can be part of it, for free! Honestly, I do NOT understand why people have trouble with third counter. People just panic, I guess. When the lightning wall indicator appears, stand on it, and when it is about to strike, move down one. Make sure you are safe from the strike. Repeat the process until you reach the bottom or until its over. If you reached the bottom, then when the next lightning indicators appear, stand on it, and move UP instead of down. During this entire process you need to be dodging the paralyze walls with gaps in them. Just go to the gaps and dodge the lightning sweep at the same time. I promise, once you get familiar with it, it is much easier than marble colo survival phase.

4th phase: Literally harder 2nd phase. This time though it is alot more damaging so I would advise you NOT inner rotate but stay outside and ‘shoot orbs’ eventhough what that means is just afk stroke. If you get fourth or 2nd countered because a large orb reached the boss, go to one of the sides of the longer wall at the end and just move towards the middle. The indicators last super long and after the second wave strikes which is not at the judge, run through the indicators that are now on top of you and go behind the banner in the middle of the room on both sides.

Dammah: A sweaty, sweaty fight unless the group is amazing, which WONT happen in Osanc pubs. Initially, when you go into the room, you WILL get a sicken knife wall. Dodge all of those by moving left and right into the gaps and dont touch any knives. You cannot heal.

The Conjure your demise phase is easy easy, just do what the group is doing. If it is the rotational version, move out when the group does. If it is the stationary version, just dont get lined up and especially focus on dodging sickens, which is what dammah is all about.

Next is Char your ragged knaves or cripplee you defiant ruffians. I would just recommend you afk stroke in corner with no doubt a large portion of the group so you will know where to go. But the knives moving in and out will get projected out so dont get hit by those, those do like 300 damage.

then it is so much power. Dont even bother, just afk stroke in the corner. When the green portal eventually comes out, move away from it. Then, it is another knife wall, but without sicken, so it is ez pz sxy ez.

He then does the sun phase. Stay in group, do NOT move into diagonals or you WILL get destroyed. Dodge green shots, red shots, every shot, just dodge it. Then, it is the infamous miasma.

In miasma, divide the room into four quadrants, and you will be sweeped in a clockwise motion, moving through all four quadrants multiple times. If there is somebody in a quadrant that is the next quadrant in the rotation, which if you screen rotate will always be left bottom if you are at right bottom as compared to dammah who is in the middle, the phase would be alot harder, since the sicken shots are aimed at players and you will effectively take double the sicken shots. This phase is just about dodging sickens and chugging HP pots the moment you are not sickened if u got hit alot before. You have to damage him out of this phase so yeah do that. Actually shoot him.

Finally, you are in the disintegrate phase. Dodge portals and the disgusting things that come out of them, damage dammah if he gets close but i would not recommend it. Overall, dammah isnt really the most deadly boss because every death is slow and painful. You will only die in dammah if you decide to stay.

Yeah clearly, the minibosses have huge variations in difficulty. It should be clear which one is the hardest. Dammah.

Now its oryx 3 time. Pre celestial you can just hit him. Free phases include control, where you can hit him for the first couple seconds, panic and scream, which you can move left and right and tank stray shots with group, and splendor, which you just follow group in the preset pattern that is very easy to remember. In outer rotations, you can just follow what the group is doing, hitting oryx 3 as he is rotating and being slightly ahead of him. If he is too fast for you, you can literally go behind him. Do not walk through him to do that though, but being BEHIND him, that is, hugging the walls, is actually a very safe position, you will NOT die if you are hugging the wall behind him in outer rotations. In cosmos, DO NOT stand on the red dots. Go in if staggered, do NOT go in or shoot at him if he raises his shield up. When you damage enough he will go into dominance which will summon portals that shoot pet stasis shorts, then dance which the inner and outer rings of the room will have those aoe damaging orb things except they rotate alot. It can get a little hard in dance if the group is really bad.

Then, he will go into exalted. Same exact thing as dominance except everything is alot whiter and more damaging. Celestial will occur, which then you just go to left side banner and quarter rotate with the group, staying within the pet stasis gaps and ending celestial at the bottom banner. Then, the fight continues as before, but he teleports after every phase. Celestials can still randomly occur but they are rare, and is a breath of fresh air. Trust me. Celestial might seem hard in the beginning but it is NOTHING compared to whatever the fuck happens in heavens.

Here, you have to actually watch out for some phases now. In inner rotations, do NOT get lined up by his rotations, chug hp pots if you have to. In armor crumples, run. In fate, RUNNNNNNNNNN PLEASE RUN OR NEXUS DUDE PLEASE.

After you damage him some more, he will be in heavens. Lightning walls will come in now, so I advise you just stay as far away from him as possible unless its splendor or panic or outer rotations or inner rotations if you are feeling ballsy. You really have to watch out for cosmos + walls, because they can instapop anyone and you really cannot see those overlapping red dots without observing closely. If you have to, ignore the walls and just dodge the cosmos. Walls wont kill you, cosmos will. If you consistently stay close to o3 in heavens, there are a huge amount of ways where you will just get destroyed. Bad inner rotations, bad panic and scream, bad outer rotations, bad fate, bad armor crumples, bad splendors, bad everything. If you decide to push in in heavens, be prepared to nexus or lose your character the moment your luck turns bad. You know those lightning stikes that start appearing after celestial that i never mentioned because they are no danger and you should ignore them? Every three of those, a wall will happen. Either diverging, converging, or side to side. Just… as a beginner, please dont push in. I’ve seen far too many overconfident people lose their best characters to an ‘easy’ phase in heavens because they got unlucky but its been so far in the fight they really dont want to nexus.

There. you did all of that. You deseve great glory, but all the game will give you is a glife and gmana. The moral of the story is, please just do shatters. Its a better and more rewarding dungeon.


Wow! Thanks so much for that in-depth guide! :smiley:


thanks! I’m maxing a warrior right now with all of the pots that I have, but if it’s not good enough in time or I die with it, I’ll just spam tricksters


I forgot to mention: The goal should never be to abuse the teleportation of tricksters to save your hide. On the contrary, I suggest learning o3s on something like a paladin or a knight so you learn fundamental understanding of phases and dodging instead of just teleporting out of danger, but i know some people would rather understand through observation so then they might use trickster.


my goal isn’t to be able to consistently do o3. I just want to try to get o3 or a miniboss done to prove that I can to myself. Of course, eventually I want to do it a lot, but rn that’s not my goal


I swear if this is your ppe


Marble Paladin set plz.


Ok i havent been posting here for some reason, ‘long’ image chain coming soonish!


Here are the beginnings part one:


nice catchphrase


Ikr lol? Diamond do you enjoy saying “dumb as f*** i guess”?