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note: sorry for the text wall and any typo, but it a issues and bugs i discovered and also trying to improve your/this game and community overall thank you.

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:pushpin: Game glitch
:pushpin: Fix
:pushpin: Reduce lag
:pushpin: Ideas
:pushpin: Suggestion

:small_blue_diamond:Snake pit not dropping snake oil (probs because DEV forgot to add it in or it rare as a jugg) don’t talk my word for this, go in the snake pit and do it yourself and then comeback here.
:small_blue_diamond:Visual Glitch still exist (vault visual glitch)
Example: drinking potion in vault doesn’t register most of the time
:small_blue_diamond:for the love of god please make Greater potion take up 1 space in potion vault
:small_blue_diamond:so we all knows that trade is a waste of time and your life in this game, i have a idea they can put in a system, imagine a box/board of list where u can fulfil someone trade/offer, like having a list of peoples trade.
1st Example : putting a list board where people can offer to trade item,
2st Example: i put my trade on a list lets just say 1 Pixie for 1 Deca, and then if some look at the list of trade and he want pixie, he just drop in deca and click accept/trade and that it, you just fulfil my/someone offer/trade. maybe the “list board” will be standing out side in nexus like a menu board. it basically drop click and go. you don’t have to waste your time and headache standing spamming your offers BOOM :boom: big brain move. and the list of trade will be different between different server to reduce lag and loading time.
note: trading people to people still exist
note: if you thinking it basically a realmeye in rotmg, basically your correct. realmeye offer/trade still exist on site.
:small_blue_diamond:Exaltation not showing up i did over 5 nest with Sss on bard it bug out (Note: already try reloading & close the game and opening backup again)
:small_blue_diamond:please make this a option/setting turn peoples on your/my screen in to frothing blue balls(like ball of spirit)(if a Player on your screen have dye the ball doesn’t show dye on your/my screen) & remove sprite of HP/Boost icon etc on top of players off your/mean player screen(obviously the effect still effect you, you just don’t see icon of HP/Boost icon on top of players on your screen only on your charterer can see the HP/Boost icon etc on your self). and then when setting say remove all practical then remove all practical, am still see practical on my screen(pally,bard using lute etc), just keep the enemy practical ty
this would make the whole game a lot better, because it reduce lag, cause some people like me do have a crap laptop :frowning_face: please address the issue and add as a option ^ thank you. cause you know what a best game?, a game that doesn’t much lag, did you see there i use the word “much”.

hopefully everyone who reading this it on the right page with new trading system idea here and think logically and deeply cause this may save your time. yes i know i have big brain no biggy ty. leave all your comment down below. and if you like this ideas please smash the like :hearts: cause this may catch DEV attention oneday, oneday… hopefully i didn’t miss anything ty.



As for the turning off player part, the following is allowed by DECA:


i wonder how many did you find 1 in 1 snake pit? or how rare it is, i think it should have the same drop rate as ichon in spider den & the boss in pit should drop it to, cause i did 2-3 pit found almost nothing but rings.

i’ll will try 0% or 5% and see how it go ty for suggestion btw i didn’t know you can do that.


I did one pit yesterday, just clearing to boss, and I got 5 snake oils so idk. Also, exaltations only count if you are 8/8. That’s the whole dang point of exaltations, going beyond 8/8


Well for some ppl snake oil can be rare, not for everyone tho, it’s just random.
Also I see the point he is making and the trade idea is also rly good but there could be many problems with that, and they already improved the trading system a lot by being able to see the backpack while trading soo Rn the trading system is alright


He’s not the first one to come up with that trading idea by any means. It’s not the sole point of this thread, so I’ll leave it at that, but we’ve discussed that kind of trading system before on different threads, and that’s just on the Realmeye forums.


note: people wont trade via realmeye or p-to-p because they’ll forget about it or degrade those that still do

They do still drop, but if you’re actively seeking them, then yes you’ll think they’re rare. However, I do have to agree that they drop at an at least lower rate than before. I remember doing snakepits and getting 2 of em in a single dungeon.

Look we already have realmeye, why do you want anything else? You’re not forced to call your offers all day at the market server.

See? You’re already insulting.


I think the idea is to make some sort of trading stand where you can place items into it and offer trades automatically. The player offering the trade doesn’t even have to be online for people to accept the trade.


but would this trading system be great than current one, it add more flexibility, look at the list of offers drop click and go on about your day. DECA have move on to unity engine now, the possibility is endless.


am trying to get exaltation, but look


Have you maxed out your bard’s stats first? You can’t get exaltations until you 8/8 your character


…you’re 7/8, mate. 7 more mana pots.


xd did you read my post? lol


oh crap forgot about mana lol, wait if i max mana would all of nest i did would be max to 5/5 once i max it? i’ll come back and tell ya once i max it ty


no, I’m pretty sure it’ll stay at zero until you do the dungeons after you’re 8/8.
so yeah, all those nests you did before you fully maxed your stats won’t count towards the exaltation it’s for.


that big oof for me then. well i guess exaltation “bug”(my failure to notice detail)is throw out of window


Ah, I see the advantage in that. Sadly, we lose the human interaction that for me, makes trading fun. Its not just stonks, its the people you meet. Maybe you’ll never see them again, maybe you found a friend for life, thing is, neither will never have the chance to happen ever again.

I do agree that it would save time and effort, however if there is no possible interaction between players, then our current method is better, because efficiency is outweighed by the human factor, in my book.

Like I don’t know, make a special trade chat where people saw your trade offer but want to counter-offer something else could talk to you, and make it possible to leave notes on your trade offers and things like that.


Yeah they will stay at 0 and 11 nests isn’t even close to 5/5, you need 75 of an endgame dungeon to make it 5/5.


Usually this is what always happens to me.
Do trades actually result in new friendships? I’m actually interested in hearing about instances where that happened.


If I have ever had friends because of trading, they are long-time friends and I dont remember when we met.

I do, however, have some other trading-related stories stored up in my memory somewhere. Here’s some, maybe I’ll add if I remember any later:

Casually trading at the market (trading server of the time, think it was still uswest3), I see a knight demanding 5 vitality potions in exchange of a whole ring of decades. I try to haggle with him, I dont have the 5 vit, I only have 4, maybe you want any other potions? He says :no_good_man:, he wants the 5, okay fair enough :man_shrugging:, its already a massive deal anyway, and so I try to buy the last vit from someone else in the server with a life pot. The moment he notices me :eyes: trying to get his last bit of vit , he stops calling his own offer out of sheer consideration, waiting for me to finish and seal our deal :handshake:.

At that time, I was blinded by the fact that it was a super good trade, hence why I still remember it, but the greatest thing about it is how considerate the guy was. He didn’t say the usual ‘‘thx’’ or ‘‘thank you’’ after the trade, heck he said nothing besides ‘‘no’’ and ‘‘buying 5 vit for deca’’ and still, he is one of the most polite and civil person I’ve ever met in this game.