Do you like the planned sword nerf?


Did they actually do something to make perfect spells not possible normally or are you just commenting on your aim?

Last time I played wizard I was able to perfect spell, that was a little bit ago tho.


could be my aim, I played the wizzy a few weeks ago and found it impossible to land and never really had a problem before.


Practice your bombskillz on these guys:



A long … really long time ago I used to do that and basically forgot about this practice method. Thanks for the reminder. :slight_smile:


spellbombs go off at the center of the tile your cursor is on, instead of exactly on your cursor. this means that perfect spellbombs are impossible to land unless the enemy is perfectly centered on a tile. so if someone either didn’t know about that or forgot about it, it would be easy to assume that perfect spellbombs were made impossible. they’re not impossible, just trickier and rarer than you’d think despite how well you may or may not aim.


Yeah, I know about the tile-centering on them, the way he said they were “impossible” just made me think they may have changed something and I didn’t see it (or notice it as I don’t play very often anymore). would’ve been a bad update if they made perfect spellbombs impossible tbh


Any kind of spellbomb is impossible for me. low fps sucks.


I bet you are one of the people to nexus when the group is getting raped by 5 crusades at once. tanking 3 crusade commander shotguns is where its at.


But it is easy lol, my laptop drops to 1 fps during mbc fights, void is actually faster since either you dont have all the players on the same area at the same time in your screen or the group is small enough that it doesnt matter if they’re visible or not


Okay I’m not that ballsy but I usually do end up staying in when sandwiched by like 3ish crusades.


However, you’re forgetting that melees have to get very close and often take a shit ton of damage unless they can dodge it. That’s why they have such good stats and abilities to counteract that fact that they have low range.


Melees don’t have that great of stats (particularly paladin). Their abilities are all really good and the sword’s damage is extremely high as it is right now.

I think melees as an individual are fairly balanced (they’re really good solo and they help the group a lot, but within a group from the individual’s perspective they’re so-so, think FFA tombs or WC for example), but in the context of the class’s effect to the game they’re op classes. It’s kind of like prisoner’s dilemma, but not really.


I haven’t read the whole thread so I’ll just say my bit.

Early game for melee classes is terrible, and that’s what these nerfs are going to hit the most. Ravenheart’s current stats show through gameplay that melee is the high damage class, just like Golden Bow gives archers their mass clear that they specialise in (or are meant to, anyway). If they nerf it to the degree they’re going to then it’ll make staff classes a straight upgrade to melee classes, and it’ll get rid of the important power spike at tier 9 that melee needs to not feel terrible. It’s why Mithril to Dscale jumps from +16 to +20 as well.

When these nerfs go through (I have absolutely no doubt they will) melee as a whole will lose a lot of identity, and it really makes me sad. Not everything has to be “”"’""“balanced”"""""" by being the same as everything else, otherwise we might as well just all play Wizard.


The melees still have fairly unique abilities, high def and low range even after a possible nerf.


pets break melees
divine pet players can eat bullets and heal at 90 hp/s
tell me thats not broken when u r the highest damage and def classes in the game


I do agree it’ll hit early game horribly, I do want the nerfs to go through as swords are TOO strong in their current state, I do believe however that swords should get a minor range upgrade to compensate.


The projectile speed apparently will be upped a bit. Not sure if that will compensate, it might even screw people over as we’re so used to the current swords.


Projectile speed does not equal range, unless the lifetime isn’t being changed I guess.


Didn’t say that it did :woman_shrugging:


Projectile speed will allow noobs more accurately hit the boss. It is pretty minuscule of a change tho.