Do you like the planned sword nerf?


Definitely not rare. I’ve done maybe 10 crystals in the past 2 months and I’ve gotten 2 csword. Dirt common.

Not saying it is balanced around whites. I’m just saying that it’s easy to do O2 with these whites, and only marginally harder with a cutlass (my main sword) which has LESS range than tiered.


Agree they shouldn’t make decisions based on presuming everyone has access to rare loot, it should be done with the tiered items squarely in mind, and just a bit of heed paid to the rare things to make sure nothing inadvertent happens.

Csword and Colossus Sword aren’t on the same tier of rarity, although clearly your own situation shows if months go by without a csword it is still rare, just not rare rare, if you see.


“skilled” he’s playing on 45 with no rotation, using cc on an armor piercing phase, and actually picks up pots.

He’s about as skilled as my left toe.


I’ll say anyone who lives through that phase is sufficiently skilled.

Still doesn’t change anything about my argument that melee will die the most (and thus are the worst in rotmg).

Again, you cannot convince me that a knight dodging a sun phase is going to survive more oryxes than a wizard spellbombing at 10 tiles away, an assassin throwing at 10 tiles away, or an archer sniping at 10 tiles away.



If you’re using O2 as a bar of skill, the bar is way too low.

Consider this: Both BTL and MrUnibro used a warrior for a lh petless solo.

Sword classes have great survivability and amazing dps… and the lowest skill cap in the game.

The only skill you need for all classes is dodging.


Haha are you serious?

People literally mention there are lots of “bad” melee in this very thread. There wouldn’t be lots of bad melee if the class had a low skill cap.


Show me one time where a good player says melees are bad.


Spixer - The “melees are bad” statement is mostly supported by the fact that there a lot of fucking incompetent melee players who don’t have the balls to go in deep on many bosses.

There wouldn’t be a lot of “incompetent” melee characters if the class had a low skill level.

I’ve never heard anyone say there are lots of incompetent wizards or assassins. It’s just not hard to press spacebar, and get whites.


If you look at how much fame it takes to be in the top 1000 for a certain class, then you can clearly see that its actually the opposite.


Any class can fame train.

Look, I’ll give a supreme example of survival.

Let’s say I want to kill oryx with essentially 0% chance of dying. In my personal opinion the class that can do this is the ‘best’ class.

That title belongs to a plague poison assassin. You can damage oryx from literally 15 tiles away. None of Oryx’s attacks will hit you because none of them have a range of 15.

Damage means nothing. Using a plague poison I get soulbound no problem and the skill cap is literally 0.

Yes, the ‘best class’ will change depending on what boss you are facing. However, as I mentioned all the high tier bosses are melee unfriendly.

I don’t see why people are so upset when I use Oryx as the gold standard boss. He’s the most common high tier boss that you face in this game.


Thats bad players, not bad class.

Blame the idiots, not the class.


The presence of a group of incompetent players suggests that the class is hard to master.

I’ve NEVER heard anyone talk about incompetent wizards but I hear talk about incompetent melee all the time.


Or the class is generally used by noobs.
As proof: more than 30% of all players in MCH and pub halls use melees in runs.


To be honest, in the video you showed, I see 2 things:

  1. Thanks to his high hp, the knight, even though it was his first time on sun phase, succeed to dblade the boss and stun shield him, while the other classes were struggling to dodge in the outer ring (which is harder to stay in, but easier to retreat from). Feels like Knight is pretty OP there.

  2. After the sun phase, oryx 2 went back to his old regular phase, and here we saw again how Knight was broken (but granted for a different reason). He arrives, stuns, everyone shoot without a care in the world. And once he retreats, people go back too. Seems pretty damn powerful for a single person.


For all of you complaining about stuns on a knight and how they could “nerf” it to a middle ground, why not add a stun cooldown like stasis has?


Yeah and the title of running abysses, udls, sprite worlds, sewers belongs to melees.


The stun nerf is something discussed on forum since a looooong time. There are 3 main ideas :

  1. Stun Immune à la Stasis => removes perma stun, makes it hard to know if your stun will work or not when several knights are present

  2. Cooldown to shields => allows perma stun in group, but removes it in solo. Also means missing a Stun is harsher on the player.

  3. Increase MP/Reduce Stun Length => allow perma stun, makes it more pet reliant, unfavors newer players

  4. Reduce DMG from shield => idea is that stun is not the issue but shield dmg is. I believe now nobody can still say stun is not the issue haha

I personally am in favor of 1 because I really hate the idea of permastun being possible.


Remember guys, just because something is hard for you, doesn’t mean it is hard for everyone else. Same thing for easy things for you aren’t always easy for everyone else. Look at how the last boss in the Thicket caused a bunch of people needing to find a safe spot in the corner? Well, I can rotate with the shots easy because I’m good at it, but I don’t say people are bad if they can’t. No, you don’t need to be a melee to do it either, I do it on my mystic, but I rely on my dodging and pet (obviously.)

I say nerf pets if anything. They’re over powered and there was no agreement that I know of that says that DECA/Kabam isn’t allowed to change how they work if you paid to get divine so don’t even start with that argument. they can ban someone with 40 character slots, all 200 chests, and a max divine if they so choose and need no valid reason iirc. I still want a pet nerf instead of messing with the classes.


You’re not wrong about that, but melees tend to live a lot longer than other classes in general, giving them fame without the need to run around in the godlands for hours on end. Their armor, their abilities and their stats make them uniquely capable of going deep safely and staying in places that would shred anything else. Is it more dangerous closer to the boss? Duh. But melees are built to do that, and can survive sticky situations that force other classes to leave or be destroyed.

There are situations where melees are at a disadvantage, but they usually aren’t as bad as you make them out to be. O2’s new phases have made him WAY more melee-friendly than before (as explained previously), LH has numerous opportunities for melees to be a huge benefactor with relatively little skill (I’m usually uncomfortable going in deep --it’s just the way I am-- but melees make it easy). LoD is a broken dungeon in general, shatters is VERY melee-friendly and Mountain Temples can be solo’d on melees without much difficulty.

Overall, I support the sword nerf; melees are way too strong right now, and need to be brought down a notch or two to rebalance things.


Why not just make more dungeons less melee friendly though? I think that would be a lot more fair AND provide new content/entertainment and more income for DECA. :wink: But I understand your points, they are valid.