ELDER REALMS: An Endgame Idea by Puffagod


• The cult system sounds like it could have been fun, but that’s a lot more work, and as much as I hate to say it, I actually prefer the way that realm cycles as it is. A nexus in the realm feels like it goes against a fundamental part of the current game. (A SPACETIME ship sounds cool, though XD)

• That is something I never got around to asking about. The cult system obviously takes some effort, with a fair bit of distance needed to be traveled (potentially) without active teleportation and the drudge of fighting difficult enemies on the way there, potentially by yourself if you nexused early out of a group. There’s enough space in each cult for precisely a third of these Elder Realms, but I doubted that everyone was going to be included in that count. I do think that after whenever you complete your next goal for the document (as it happens), that is a worthy pursuit. (This also has totally nothing to do with me being bugged about wanting to know more about those blasted [number] eyed men and their cryptic messages/origins).

• Extra Biomes are always nice, but finishing what’s already been started seems logical. (I know those sections take a lot of work).

(A Two-Eyed Man!? What blasphemy is this?)

Anyhoo, thanks for sharing, and happy 9th! I always love seeing notifications for this thread. :confetti_ball:


every man has 2 eyes. and the enemy is the urgalohumanoid